Tuesday, July 20, 2010


to answer your question & observation YES
but this NEW graph above is from another source which also shows
an ALMOST near duplicate of yesterday's EKG

EXPECT today to END at or near 4pm at LOWS

Some one suggested spx 1030 to 1045, and It would seem right given a rebound due the next day which also concurs with the reading that calls for a marked improvment over night TONIGHT


IT would APPEAR that Monday & Tuesday FLIPPED places on the power graph

Friday's PC ratios were 80% bullish
Monday's PC ratios were 90% BEARISH

Power data comes from multiple sources and It requires some additional structuring
on my part, which I skew based on energy, cycles etc, so occasionally,
I WILL get such a mix up

Whats that mean for today?
Good question since we DID get an extension of the LATE selling from Monday

then we need to ask, was the low at 9:45 to be considered the LOD?
OR does the 39 HOUR cycle offer a REBOUND HIGH off the open low
at 10:30 to 11am.

Enter other cycles
13 day at 11am can be extended
same goes for 90bars @ 11am
we'll see in about 10 minutes

bars today
90b @ 11am
120b @ 1:30pm
150b@ 4pm

IF 4pm DOES PROVIDE the LOD today, then EXPECT the MKT to EXPLODE higher
tomrrow and higher still on OPEN on Thsday = 26 hrs cycle at 10am

One thing the POWER graph does seem to confirm, but not published yet, is a 55 week
275 tr days LOW on the 26th as well as a 4 tr day cycle all at 4pm

NOTE: Charts Edge this week agrees with my outlook, especially if we flip Mon & Tues

more later


mbeider said...

Jay, today's EKG is identical to yesterday's... Is it a bad cut-and-paste or is there more to it?


AS said...

Jay - how do you plan to play this ...

today you mentioned that we could explode to the upside next 2 days .... however yest you mentioned that upside is very limited this whole week ....

Trying to figure out ...

Jay Strauss said...

by limited - I DONT MEAN MUTED

BEAR mkt rallies can be VICIOUS- especially if your holding short

I plan to close out shorts at or near close and buy some longs at the about same time later TODAY

I had PREVIOUSLY projected a LOW yesterday, and would have traded then but its OBVIOUSLY looking like its TODAY, as I mentioned
the 2 days TRADED PLACES


Anonymous said...

donno, looks like you should turn the ekg upside down again today imho...

they want to rally the close...vix has been screaming it all day!
best of luck

Jay Strauss said...

LOOKS LIKE the 39 HOURS cycle hit the LOD at 9:40am