Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29th update

 this chart for most of August has meaning for me also as you will see when i publish the August energy graph

 Helge's chart shows a sell off today & tomrrow which was also shown on the JULY energy
Graph, altho we all know it did not start until the28th. There is some confusion as to NEXT weeks
LOW point as Helge seems to indicate the 9th, BUT energy points to the 10th, and CYCLES are
targeting the 11th.
 I will be publishing the AUGUST energy graph this wkend
NOTE that IF we Do see a severe sell off tomrrow, JULY30th, then as Helge shows, Monday could offer a brief reprieve for the day as I will also picture it.

Its NOT a matter of IF, but simply WHEN
and that WHEN is very close by
I'm away and only have limited access, so there have been no updates

258 bars hit on Tues @ 2pm
90 b Hit @ 3pm Wed
126b is due at about 11am today and the mkt is still falling afterward
55%/13 day @ 11;59
180bars TODAY is due at 4pm along with some neg energy at 3:45pm
Tomrrow - friday

Neg energy at 7am & 9:31
26 hrs at 10am
62%/13 day at 11;13
258 bars at 4pm
Neg energy should overshadow the mkt allday.

more later


rrman said...

Helge says TIMBER!!!!

JUFU said...

For how long do we expect TIMBERRR?

rrman said...
look at chart 4a

rrman said...
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rrman said...

looks like they held this mess up all day to do the dirty down work afterhours to screw the most ppl in stocks