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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28th

Expect another 10am high today & it might even stretch to 11am

but the atmosphere should change later today,
as it is possible the highs of the latest ABC rebound OFF the July 2nd LOW at 1010 may have finished
Tuesday at 10am at spx 1121



Abdullah said...

If we creep over 10600 on the DOW, or 1121 on the S&P.. we could pop higher quickly. If we lose 1111 on the S&P, or 10495 on the DOW, we could plunge hard. In between those brackets, we're in no mans land.

San said...

Triangle of Dow Jones

after8 said...

afternoon all,covered yesterdays short for 6 points and flat.i was looking for a bit more but nothin doin.that was very anaemic if that was it! a break back above 1112 and its gonna be buy time again for me.

gin said...

Still say we hang around here until Fri. Then?

hannahzzz said...

Where are all the bloggers?
My two-cents is down now for a few days. Interesting chart, San.

Abdullah said...

boring day ... not much going on.

samamehta said...


I went back and looked the time cycles and their relevant strength, and their strength manifestation in the past. They shall cause serious decline, not consolidation.
Therefore, I must forewarn you that we have a serious and very strong sell-off coming. We shall have a catalyst from some kind of failure relating to debt (yeah, right), either sovereign or US or some state or a big institution, which shall blow up and hit the financial market with sudden impact.

Jay Strauss said...

thanks Sam
Its NOt a matter of IF, but simply

And that WHEN is damn close by