Thursday, July 08, 2010


This is WHAT the EKG would have showed IF I had published it with what I thought
was AFTER hours activity
Keep in MIND there is NO such thing as INVERSIONS,
ONLY mis interpretation by the analyst-
NONE of us can ever be right EVERY SINGLE DAY
but the EKG still has a great track record of 66.7% since march 9th, 2010

IM not making excuses, and Im not going to count this as a positive for the EKG
& Ive mentioned MANY times, that IT IS VERY difficult to PIN POINT the CLOSING
as the data stream IS CONTINUOUS

NOW, we have the PC ratios data and AGAIN it is NOW 80% BEARISH
Helge did have a high close today, and I will be paying greater attention to
his charts which MIGHT help me determine the CLOSE with great accuracy, maybe

It looks like 1070 attempt at 10-am on the 13 hr cycle high

I mentioned this on Sunday, so dont say you weren't informed

today has been characterized as a Gemini type day
And the other data seems to concur
Up to high at 10am, and the rest of the day heads lower

other cycles today
38.2%/13 day at 10:42
258bars at 12:30
30bars at 3pm

Door # 1= set back to 1030 area on 9th
Door # 2 set back to 1010 or lower on the 9th

OPTIONS Expiration next week is setup with positive energy, but it wont get there
in a straight line
Oversold became overbot in a hurry with a .29 ARMS index yesterday
MY AD & Vol proprietary indeces jumped OFF a BUY level under 300 for each
to 900 & 2300 respectively

PC ratios on close yesterday are 80% bearish, but were 80% bullish on Tues

more later
CNBC is NOW reporting NO DOUBLE DIP,
last week they were all SCREAMING- DD
sentiment has flipped just because we had a little rally
Amazing how it all fits together


Jay Strauss said...

So far today looks good on the EKG,
the DAILY outlook & cycles
GOT the 10am HIGh a little early @ 9:45

last hour "SHOULD" be quite bearish


AS said...

Jay - is there a time projection for the low tomorrow ?

Abdullah said...

Thanks Jay - sold FAS at the 21.20 around the 9.45 time. PERFECT!!!
all cash.
looking to enter FAZ.
Did you enter any short positions yet?

Jay Strauss said...

Yes I added more shorts at
9:45 this AM

Tomrrow has
neg energy at 11am
50% /13 day at 2;30
90bars at 1:30pm
120bars right at 4pm


Jay Strauss said...

Helge looks like were at the edge
of a CLIFF

some of his charts show a low at close on the 9th.

IS he the ONLY other person who makes FUTURE projections,
and shows it in CHART form ?


Kc135a said...

IS he the ONLY other person who makes FUTURE projections,
and shows it in CHART form ?


Abdullah said...

Intraday support/resistance:
SPX 1060/1065/1070

Anonymous said...

I tried to warn seems all your models have inverted...

we keep going higher into opex with minor retraces as I mentioned yesterday...

same exact bottom to top of 6/8 to 6/22

if you have a "low" on the 9th,it will be a minor retrace and "buy the dips" as I said yesterday...

don't think we get anywhere near your door #1 1030 (most definately not door #2 1000)...

we all have an opinion,but why do you think the markets have completely inverted your indicators jay?

Jay Strauss said...

eclipses can do that to natural energy


Abdullah said...

I am not going to add back into anything here, I'm just going to coast out the day.

I will however try and find another "something" we can get into on the long side, that doesnt' look like suicide.

Jay Strauss said...

the EKG after my published graph does show a lift, but I left most of it out thinking it was after hours

HELGE does SHOW today peaking and tomrrow in a DIVE mode ALL DAY

the SPX DID NOT EXCEED the 9:45am -13 hour cycle HIGH

thus it looks like it formed a FLAT
refusal to make new highs

Im sure the OPTIONS data will show even MORE BULLISH sentiment
when I get the data from the CBOE
after 5:30pm


cementzak said...

charts are not working anymore jay... the open tomorrow looks like a short though. everybody seems to expect a bullish opex week, it would be nice if it inverted


Kc135a said...

Should have gone down to at least SPY 105.50 today but no banana. Up to 1 hour before the close everything looked pretty good and then it fell apart when the last surge took out 106.52.

I am a fractal person and a hard look at the 6/8 rally and the current rally from 7/1 and you have to be bullish. On a 30 minute chart have not yet back tested the 20 MA, have a 20x50 MA cross, and reversed an overbought condition. Ditto the 6/8 move.

Right now trading above a rising 20 MA and that is bullish until it stops. Simple stuff but it works.

Kc135a said...

My prior post was the bullish one but there is very strong case for a fast short pull back.

Look at a 60 minute chart of the SPY and the two sell offs on 6/09 and 6/14. The first one was about 25 SPX points and the 2nd about 16 SPX points. There is every reason to see one of those days on this run. Also there is some very good cycle work that I can not reference looking for some kind of significant low on Monday, 7/12.

The bottom line is close any shorts on a 15+ SPX point drop and get ready to get long to at least 7/16.

benjoyce said...

alcoa earnings after the close monday

intel " " " tues

I hope there's a big drop fri/mon

Pramod said...

Hi Jay,

Are you looking for a top tomorrow between 10-11 AM followed by a drop until Mon and then a rally Tue to Thu/Fri?


rrman said...

man i think i missed this deal if i had stuck with my tza trading range chart it is calling this to the T and its saying more upside....helge is inverted

rrman said...

here is the channel on /6e euro we are riding the top of the ascending channel but nearing the top of the big ascending long term trendline now at 1.29 ish

rrman said...

AS said...

KC - good catch ... the first selloff was 25 points ... we got 24 this time round ...

So the 15 point is next then go long ... maybe that is what we see tomm acc to jay's power index ..

Jay - how are you seeing a move up on helge's chart ... it looks to me that this week inverted again on his charts ...

Rman - what do u think ... how does this setup for tomm and next week ?

AS said...

So wierd Rman - we posted at the same time ... what are you seeing on TZA / FAS chart ?

AS said...

Rman - TZA messed up dut to the reverse split ... but looking at TNA looks like we broke out of down channel isn't it ?

rrman said...

can't draw a channel on this tza chart but you can get the drift looking at the higher lows trend!/photo.php?pid=31413144&id=1127956965

Jay Strauss said...

thanks for the NOPE
send me an email

San said...