Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -April 12th Closing Report

April12th @ 8:30am
futures point to a lower open
European bourses off 1%
258 bars hits at open till 26hours at 10am
reading calls for a wall of resistance till mid day= noon hour
Neg energy till about 1pm

convergence of multiple cycles on Thsday AM
35 Feb 24th low
21 Mar16th low

Expect Thsday to recover to a higher open on Friday, and then head for lower ground thru Tuesday- April19th right after the full moon in similar fashion to Spt 17th, 2008 on the Lehman BK.

No way to tell what event will coincide with a strong sell off on 18& 19 unless its a threat NOT
to raise the debt level, but they have until May16th to make that vote.

AS previously mentioned , WE talked about further Earthquakes, Bigger Nuclear problems, and more revolutions, etc,  AND WE HAVE GOTTEN ALL THAT .

Full moon indicates a need to find a balance between demands and support of others
Doesn't that sound like a political game of chess??

Monday, April19th read
action meets frustrating obstacles from authority
expect disappointment

Apr 18th-Monday is also a 55 tr day lo to lo from Jan 28th, subtle, but its still there
888 Oct 10th, 2007 or = to 178 weeks a STAN HARLEY cycle time period
220 June7th, 2010 low @ 9816
377 from 10/19/2009 high

Tuesday Apr 19th calls for anger & aggression
try to stay focused

WEd Apr20- offers a reprieve = stabilizing day


EKG still at 80% accuracy
Hope your all getting something from the EKG
I really think they will find support at 1250-1260 on Thsday
If they take out 30 or more spx tomrrow, then that only leaves 
about 24 to get to 1260 or open to10am on Thsday

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