Saturday, April 02, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next - Technicals & Waves

April 2nd, 2011
Compare the Elliott principles with the Current graph

Technically the mkt is way overbot as you can see from the lower tech data in the SPX chart

The price LEVELS keep us guessing whose right-- Mr DOW or Mr SPX ??
both made intraday highs, but closed lower -so does that qualify for a regular or expanded flat?
The SPX did NOT exceed 1344 previous high on Feb 18th, but the Dow did.

April1st, AHH April fools day - how appropriate
Also remember the warning, falsely inflated values

ONCE AGAIN we are faced with potential to decline, but how far and how fast
We have a potential date of April11th- time wise, but there are some out there who are projecting that as a HIGH, and Of course, Jaywiz has it as a Low
HOW LOW, you ask? I hate to answer that question as many of you know,
it always comes back to bite me in the rear

IF we are going to drop to or below 1250 on or b4 the 11th, weve got to see some very heavy selling on the 4th. If ending at 1250 or above, we should be able to judge from the losses, if any on Monday

NONE of the HIGHS since Mar9,2009 have produced an INTERNAL TECHNICAL SELL with the
ARMS index data that I record, and today is no different.

There is a close FIBO relationship on Apr 11th near 233 tr days FROM MAY 6th FLASH CRASH, but it counts out to 235 days, making 233 hit on the 7th

Flash has told us to look for gravity turns on April 1st and 11th
IF Apr1st was a turn off a high, then, it would seem logical to expect the 11th to turn off a low??

NEW moon and DANGER lurks ahead according to the astrologer info I published last week

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