Thursday, April 21, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -April 21st- Closing Report

Today's EKG NOT a MATCH at all
Apr21 @ 9:20am

today calls for an enthusiastic morning giving out to a loss of confidence

Activity index at a low ebb at 66
dynamic index showing no strength
impact stream above also agrees



rrman said...

I've figured out Helge is behind you have to go back to Monday to see what is coming...sometimes it does week is going down HUGE..
1st chart the big top between the first and second columns was 4am central this morning go from there to see the forecast

rrman said...

Jay Strauss said...

Yes, i agree, you need to adjust his chart to the price moves.

It looks like the 25th on his chart = Apr 21st rally and now in topping

also, the DOW made a new closing high, but I dont think the spx will follow suit.
So, the SPX might be considered a failed 5th, and the dow a 5th.

either way they seem to be making 5th waves from the June30th low of 2010. all of which counts as a THIRD wave high, thus allowing room for a 4th wave retreat from
the trend off march 9th which could be quite a bit more volatile than we have seen since late 2008.

YES, next week/s energy also agrees with Helge's graph for sell off next week

Should start today AFTER 1pm, and its now 12:20 as I type this.


Abdullah said...

Jay/rrman - I do think we see 12700 before a rug pull next week.
The DOW closed above 12400 and SP is now above the 1333. Both a positive for the BULL.

Granted, it's a long weekend and market is close Fri anything can happen from now till Monday

honolulu beach said...

big down on Tuesday...a minor rise for Monday

honolulu beach said...

A big upday monday in silver and gold will be an easy sell

Jay Strauss said...

Mr beach
You may be right about Monday
I think they will recover from an OPENING sell off, similar to the 18th, but Tuesday, agree, big down day