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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -April 5th Closing Report

April5th @ 7:45am

This Morning opens with 126Bars thus we see a fall off expected at open according to the spx futures.
Impact stream above seems to indicate that wont last very long as
there seems to be some hidden strength as yet unseen

Today calls for tending to practical matters, fwiw

Erik Hadik each year reminds us of disastrous events that have occurred in the past on April 19 & 20th, and we can go back many hundreds of years to recount said events, but this YEAR imo, will be different
WHY? you ask- ok, lets explore

IMO, April 11th has the NUTS AND BOLTS to offer something akin to disastrous, be it earthquakes, revolutions, sneak attacks, or even just a Govt shut down. 
NO one expects any of those things to happen, and why would a govt shut down effect wall st?? It didnt even blink in 1995.
However, IT does appear a Govt shut down WILL HAPPEN, and it might just be a catalyst to a one day crash on April 11th. or at least deemed to be the cause by the media. & How will that effect our esteemed Congressional leaders?

April 11th has the nuts & bolts to be SHAKEN
April18th has the Olive Pit to be Stirred
But April 19 to 25th has too much positive energy to fulfill Hadiks
annual debacle days, at least for this year.

Ive noticed that Many commentators on CNBC the last week & again today are QUITE positive for the outlook for stocks the rest of this year. - imo, thats quite bearish

more later

COULDNT ask for a better EKG this AM- STILL AT 80% Accuracy


Jay Strauss said...

PS< IF THE MKT DOES NOT PERFORM AS INDICATED in the NEXT 10 days, I promise to stop yelling WOLF at the door.


rrman said...

Helge says this is the top now down for 3 month mirror image of the last three months....out of my ung and now fully in tza in my account is as heave short /6e euro as i have been in months

Jay Strauss said...

Sounds like a good plan