Friday, April 15, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -April 15th Closing Report

April 15th @ 8:40

Impact stream seems to show EARLY strength, and drop off later,
which is consistent with the EKG, and my previous projection of
Elliott wave structure from April6th.

from 1303, it looks like abcx ab, now looking for one more "c" to reach
counter trend rally of wave 2

IM sure that MOST of YOU are well aware of what happens in wave 3
FEAR drives wave 3's on the DOWNSIDE, and it looks like that will
be the prominent psych this weekend into Monday

What fear, you ask, fear of refusing to raise the deficit limits, and thus defaulting
on US debt obligations around the world.
to make matters worse, they are supposed to be on a recess from the 18th to eom
which might be delayed if there are big problems to work out.


Just as indicated, a higher open to 1317.46, somewhat less than the fibo would allow, and at 10am making a second attempt to get to 1320/21. 
WOW, 1319.99 HOW close can you get??
J - got to 1323 at 1pm

NOTE THE IMPACT STREAM above took  late dive
lets see if that translates to a lower close

THE TENDENCY of the EKG was correct , but I would have liked to see more volatility. HOLDING OUT FOR MONDAY

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