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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -April 14th NOON Report- WARNING !!

1pm Apr14th

THUS we can review the math again

WAVE 1 dropped from 1339 to 1309 = 36 pts
36 x 50% = 18 + 1303 = 1321
36x 62% = 22 + 1303 = 1325

CORRECTED < sorry,

When,? You ask.  Im STILL expecting that rebound peak tomrrow at open

1295 to 1300 could be considered that LINE IN THE SAND

WHATEVER is LOST on Monday April 18th,
will most likely gain back at least 50% by weeks end.


Abdullah said...

here we go again ... a close at 1314 !!! I mean how long this FRAUD continues. So what now???

The market is obviously struggling here. Between those that think QE is going to end, versus the always bullish analysts, there's a pretty decent war going on in stock land. Granted of course the wild card is and has been Bernanke and his billions he hands Wall Street every day.

Imagine this for one moment... take a stab at where the market would be right now in real time if indeed we didn't have a lunatic Central banker flooding the system with trillions of dollars. Yes I said trilions. Add up all the stimulus, all the bail outs, all the take overs, all the toxic asset buying, all the Treasury buys, etc etc etc and we're north of 15 trillion dollars. Yet the market is clearly strugging here. Imagine where it would be without all that free money sloshing around.

Abdullah said...

The problem that I face and many of you do, that no one else has ever had to face in this business is that we've never had such a corrupt FED. Although there were always back door deals, and the Presidents Working Group on Capital markets.. it's never been so blatantly "in your face".

The entire run from March of 09 has been a fraud, a fraud built on the printing of money. Now the money is still coming, but the market is struggling.

Abdullah said...

The market is simply struggling here, we're back to no mans land.

Going long with the DOW under 12,400 is a crap shoot, and you can't short unless we fail 12,000 because on any particular day they could bounce you off previous levels.