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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -April 12th - Lunar Analyst

IT very interesting to see Spiral Cal's date UPSIDE DOWN
but Youve got to read it in Hebrew from Right to Left [gg]

anyway, looking at it this way DOES SHOW a DOWN TURN on the 11th and a LOW on the 15th
It also shows the 19th a a pivot turn which we discussed previously

I do agree, however with a HIGH on the 26th to 27th, so we are in accord with that projection

This is FROM someone who has been using lunar cycles for at least 20 years and swears by them.
And he has a paid subscription web site.

more later


Abdullah said...

Thhey pull off closing the S&P over 1314, chances are good we'll see a bounce tomorrow of some sort.

Abdullah said...

If we lose 1309, the next stop would probably be around 1290. Not a lot, but another drop none the less. So obviously it's going to be quite fun to see what happens next.