Thursday, April 28, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -April 28th- Closing Report

April 28th @ 8:55 am

ALL systems seem to be in SYNC
Impact stream shows potential rally right after open along with the EKG.
Power Data shows the day finishing better than is starts and the SAME goes for TOMRROW
we'll see if the EKG confirms that tomorrow AM

(I hope most of you can follow they way my indicators work)

Today we have
90 bars at 10am
120 bars at 12;30 or 126bars at 1pm
156bars at 3;30pm

the QUESTION for day trading today;
will there be enuf volatlity to trade today?
the ONLY Negative energy point is at  11am, which doesnt coincide with the bar pivots

So, we can see a lower open in the 5 minutes followed by a rally till maybe 9:45, then lower till 11am
Is it worth trading ?? dont know, maybe if they can drop off by 100 dow points, but theres no way to tell.

more later


stalion said...

What a flat and boring day. They are desperate to keep the DOW up and they're pulling it off, but it's on such low volume it's almost funny.

stalion said...

nothing stopping this fraudlent market ... I guess 13K is next.

stalion said...

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