Monday, April 18, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -April 18th Closing Report

April 18th @ 8:45am
60bars & 13 hours at 10am
90bars & neg energy during the noon hour- could be the lod
126b @ 3:30 also has a chance at lod

Just as PREDICTED, today should be down all day with
only a mild rebound from about 1pm to 2 pm

Tomorrow should rally in the AM, and settle back to close lower, thus setting up a BUY for
WEd and part of Thursday, which should sell off after 1pm.

9:10am UPDATE
S&P downgrade its US debt outlook to NEGATIVE, but still at AAA rating, due to the idea that Congress will not reach agreement till 2013, and there could be a downgrade from its AAA rating pending.
Maybe that will get the attention of CONGRESS !!!!

Tomrrow's energy outlook indicates they will gain a NEW PERSPECTIVE which will lead to serious discussions about the debt, and a more constructive attitude by both parties.
Just like LEHMAN BK on SPT 15th, 2008, this DOWNGRADE boosts FEAR, and should get CONGRESS to Take action.

SEE the Columbia chart at the top of the page- IT LOOKS LIKE SPX 1280-1284 should be the low today. J

Helges Intraday charts for this week had the exact direction today, and has tomrrow DOWN ALL DAY. Tomrrow is the actual 890 tr day cycle, so it could happen. The Wave count today looks like 1 thru 4, and may have started wve 5 at 3;30.
thereby skipping over the 126bar cycle, but all the others earlier.

the next bar pivot is at 11;30
38%/13 day cycle is at 10:42
Neg energy at 11am
could be the lod, or if Helge is right could make it to eod
EKG shows lower open.
STILL GOT WED for an UPDAY into Thsday AM, then turning down


Abdullah said...

So, we plunged on a bogus downgrade of our "outlook" which was nothing more than a political ploy to get Washington to do "something" about our debt limits. The market spent most of the day down about 210 points and in the past twenty minutes has started climbing back. Part of that is the shorts covering their positions, some of it is rabid dip buyers, trained over the past year that all you have to do to get rich is buy every dip. ( until it doesn't work)

Abdullah said...

we're in that no mans land between DOW 12K and 12,400. In between those levels, all manner of chop has been created, and up 100 followed by down 100 and back up in a single day is common.

Caution is warranted.

Anonymous said...

Hi jay

Great work with the cycles.. and the astro stuff..

"Astrology is the Science of Life's Feactions to Planetary Vibrations"

Llewelyn George


Abdullah said...

POLL: How many of you out there follow recommendations based Mahendra? And did you make money?

I been reading his blog and his free posting. It seems like the way he words things as for example "....Yes, planets are giving clear signals that something big is on the way in financial markets, either in currency markets or commodity markets but I am sure something drastic will happen which most traders won’t forget for many years."

Now, isn't that always true ... there is always something lurking to spook the financial market. Do you need an astrology to tell us that. There will always be that something that will CRASH the market or push us much higher.

dthomasair said...

abdullah whats your take on bigstring you still holding? thanks

Jay Strauss said...

Congress cant do CRAP this week or next, they are on a RECESS for Easter. SO NO ACTION will occur on the debt limit until they return May 2nd, and then they only have till the 16th to approve it.

Ive got a HIGH on May11th, and quick drop off 12/13 lingering till 25th, where the mkt explodes up into June1st eclipse


Abdullah said...

BIGSTRING yes still holding it. Once the giant social media goes IPO this bubby should move along very nicely.

Abdullah said...

Jay - So true. Granted we've got the whining match going on over the debt ceiling, and that probably has some amount of people nervous, but as much as they're putting on a big show, the debt ceiling will be increased. Here's a little fun tip for you.. Since the end of WWII, they have upped the debt ceiling 80 times. Yes you read that right, 80 times. 81 is coming to an economy near you.

Abdullah said...

Again,each time they fail to bust us over 12,400.. the pressure builds to the downside. If they can't pull it off soon, we could see something ugly soon enough. IMO, Jay's dates could be on target -/+ 3 days.

futures trader said...

Abdullah..One can take what they read as entertainment or educational.
Astrology is a tool which is used in trading.Its not as easy as selling technical analysis computer software and on your merry way.
You need to learn it before using it. There are many financial astrologers out there but you need to find the good one.