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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -April 7th Morning Report

April8th at 8am

Apr7th @ 8:45am
Financial Challenges today
Neg energy at 10:09am
30bars at 10am
60b @ 12:30
90B @ 3pm

It appears to me that the Tea party memebers of congress have a hidden agenda,
{ actually not so hidden}  CUT the way we want or face shut down!!

The way they are proceeding under the guise of budget cuts reminds me of Wisconsin-
there is a hidden agenda not yet apparent.

MORE TENSION added today
WILL the FED now raise RATES??? sooner rather than later.

Activity index Yesterday jumped to a WHOPPING High at the 700 level, but has now dropped back to 100, and as  we see from the impact stream above, energy is waning. The Dynamic index is also on the decline from its highs on Monday.

More Later

1 comment:

Abdullah said...

They kept both DOW & SP above the line ... CROOKS, FRAUD, but you guys know that.