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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -April 26th- UPDATE

WHEN WILL THE "D" wave END and start wave "E" ?

IMO< Maybe today and maybe Not till Monday , May 2nd.

We have new current rally highs on LESS AND LESS VOLUME

May2011 opens the door again to UNCERTAINTY over the debt limits, but thats only the overriding
NOISE covering up the real reason for the decline as shown by the expanding triangle above.

NOW that the SPX has scored a new intraday high, nothing more need be done in terms of price.
Price breaks outs without VOLUME Support is doomed to FAIL.

Ben speaks at an auspicious moment in time, as the energy shifts from Neg to positive right after the Fed announcement at 12:30 as I mentioned b4 concerning the 13 day cycle.

Friday may end up as the actual high as there is substantial positive energy all day.

Energy & enthusiasm PEAKS this weekend, thus a serious let down begins in May,
but as You can see from the chart on TOP, its not the end of the world, as the WAVE predicts
that an agreement over the DEBT LIMIT might be delayed until the 27th-28th

spx @ 1350 = NINE when adding the numerals, which signals an ending in numerology
DOW 12,600 = DITTO, a NINE also, but 12,599 might be the number to look for or 12,601

More Later


Abdullah said...

We still could see 12,700 as high and that would be it as I was saying that for weeks now. Then the BEARs shall be awaken. Its going to be fun the next 2 months. Can you say sub 9,000!

Abdullah said...