Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -April 13th WAVES

1339 high on 6th + 2 days = 1339 on 8th
consider that as a possible wv 2 label
took 2 days or 13 hours

1339 to 1309 Apr 12th
lets consider that as wave i of 3

which would mean we are in wave ii of 3
Next would be the SPIKE DIVE of wv iii of 3
on the 15th &  18th to 10am or 11am on the 19th for wv 3

wv 4 rebound to eom
wv 5 to mid May



Abdullah said...

so we ended up with 7 points on the DOW and 0.25 points on the S&P. But, and this is pretty "interesting". Guess where the 50 day moving average is on the S&P? 1,314. Guess where they brought the S&P up to? 1314. I know, that was the end result of millions upon millions of investors pegging it there right? LOL, please don't.. I'll laugh too hard and choke.

Abdullah said...

Because the POMO is still engaged, where Bernanke is still handing Wall Street what amounts to 8 billion dollars a day to buy Treasuries, it's hard to think that the market will do anything but continue up. But, one has to ask the question.... at what point does the fraud market yank the rug...just because they can? At what point does the true selling of equities by the population who every day learns how screwed up things are..overpower what Wall Street can engineer? We really don't know the answer. I suspect we are awful close however.

Jay Strauss said...

A REAL change in trend VIA A REAL TOP is NOT scheduled till August

So , POMO money is not the answer, but it does fit into the Accommodating atmosphere afforded to the EARTH by the ENERGIES that surround us.

This does not preclude and SHARP retreat which will be blamed on politics this wkend and Monday

Hopefully a SHOCKING price drop Monday will Also SHAKE UP Washington to take positive action rather than a destructive


rpccpa said...

Cycles Back - right on this week... maybe WORSE than projected in indices... Inflation War starting?

Sean said...
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