Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22- MKT EKG

more later

Today we have 228Bars at OPEN since it did NOT occur at 4pm on Friday
and they did open off 41 dow

next bar cycles
258B @ noon
30bars @ 2;30

BUT more important is tomrrow
60 bars at 10:30am
and there is negatvie lunar energy at 11;38
23rd is a Bradley date, mentioned several times

selling should spill over some to mid day on the 24th
156b @ noon
78.6% /13day@ 12:25pm
180bars at 2pm and neg lunar energy at 3:15
power index @ 300 mid day and jumps to 450 late day
so the close should be higher

rebound should carry thru full moon on 29th.



crissy said...

Jay, the dax should move up until at least 1st of april, unless I've got an inversion.

Jay Strauss said...

Hi Crissy
Last week had a combo of new moon &
Sun 0 Uranus

Now past that, we are entering the weaker part of EACH month as per the last 10, and this one looks about the same

Tomrrow should be the WEAKEST day THIS WEEK, and the 24th should OPEN lower but move higher right after

the rest of the week looks positive

There is a STRONG neg energy cluster on April 2nd and 3rd thus there is NO time other than the 31st and Apr 1st for the mkt to react to that neg energy.

note the energy after the 3rd turns positive.


crissy said...

Thank you, Jay

rrman, if you are here, are you still long € ?

Anonymous said...

it would just be way too obvious to top out on the bradley turn,so im keeping my powder dry until friday.if we've already started down,i will put a stop above the high.looking to get back down to 1115 by the end of next month at the latest.all this is just nonsense,let it do what it wants this week

Kirk said...

I added IWM April 65 puts near the close today along with adding to my winning position in TZA... If we make a gap UP tomorrow I will add to my TZA aggressively, like the friggin' cookie monster!

Janeva said...

I thought Jay said we were going down into Bradley Date, then up to
approx March 26th then down into April 1 Low. What am I missing. All
we've done is go up.

rrman said...

I reversed short on the euro

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crissy said...

Took € long for a short time period.

Jay Strauss said...

toward a DIP today and TOMRROW morning Wed
Still expecting higher as projected from the Bradley low 23rd/24th to higher on on 25th & 26th

Contrary to previous opinion NEXT week could be the wild card,but more on that later


crissy said...

closed the €