POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23rd

I dont know why the broken data mid day or if it means anything at all

Activity index- PULSE - was FLAT at 66 all nite and is still at 66 at 9am

power index shows a dip today and at open 24th-Wed, then higher later on 24th to 26th

As such the Bradley index does not seem to be representing a turn.

60bars @ 10:30
90bars @ 1pm
126bars at close and or open tomrrow

more later


Kirk said...

The Bradleyt can be off by a day...hopefully today/tomorrow support a reversal... I dooubled up on my TZA position as well as my IWM put options. Fully short right now.

Jay Strauss said...

its NOT ""If"" the mkt will decline.
Its still a matter of when

And IMO, it should occur between now and April-1st.

actually topped on March 17th at 1170.

spx approached 1169.+ a few times since and has pulled back each time.


Janeva said...

With all due respect, you have been totally wrong on this market.
We did not hit a low coming in to
Bradley, we did not go down today into tomorrow, etc...Give it up.
Your "stuff" does not work.

Janeva said...

Oh and yes we will go down eventually. Does'nt that go without saying. 2 comments today?
That's telling. This stuff does not work.

Cementzak said...

ES approaching master key resistance, the mid to high 1170ish.

Jay Strauss said...

thanks Janeva
I didnt know that

samamehta said...

ay may be lae, bu right. look at the web below

Panic sell bteween tomorrow and march 30