POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Thursday, March 04, 2010

March 4th

bar pivots today

90 bars at 10am
126bars @ 1pm
150bars at 3pm OR 156bars at 3;30

Energy influences today
3;57 pm +
4:03pm -

Power index drops from 500 to 400, then 425

hourly turns same as b4
they add more punch when combined with influences or bar pivots

propensity index
Morning -rises from 3000 to 3005 early
morning -backs off to 3002, rises to 3006
afternoon -drops off to 2995
closes higher to 2998

Daily graph has been published at private yahoo group at 8:45am

Will show results later

Forgot the activity index
was at 100 at 6am
Rose to 233 at 7 am
Now at 300 at 9am & open & holding steady
UPDATED at 10am NOW dropped to 200
updated at noon, now at 133
3;30 and still hovering at 133



Jay Strauss said...

OK-- comment section now open

sirgiyan said...

I believe we are done to the upside

Jay Strauss said...

Maybe for today, but still got one
more day tomrrow with very positive infuences this wkend and upbeat conditions

Jay Strauss said...

posted a positive influence at
3;57pm, and they are finding their way right to it.


Sherm said...

How deep of a selloff are you looking for between 3/8-4/1?
Do you think it will be like the selloff in late Jan/early Feb?

5littlewunz said...


Is there a way to join your Yahoo group?

Waterbaby said...

Great call, Thank You.

Quality Stocks said...

Even though I do not understand half of what you write I thank you and would love to learn more from you in the future.


rrman said...

In my opinion the /es has become totally unpredictable and untradeable
I am trading /6e and it was off track a few days ago but seem like it is back on track I'm showing to go long after a small wave down that started at the close should be 1.356 or so then target will be 1.3636 around Europe Market opening go short then and we go below the 1.3599 low of this morning ...there is a lot of money to be made on this trade...

Reza said...


I think /ES is having the 'sudden acceleration problem'. Toyota is looking into it (lol).

U were missing for a few days, missed your trades

ARAK said...

ES is predictable if you know what to look for. Since last thursday, .gov has stepped in to save the world from armageddon. They stepped in at the 1096 level ... go analyze the charts, and you can see their trail. The momo institutions piled in knowing .gove was covering their back. Ended up being a great short squeeze setup.

AS said...

Jay - cannot see any of the charts ... also, is there a way to join the yahoo groups, if you are posting information here on EOD - is that the plan ?