Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Whats next

Lets hear it from the hecklers today


sirgiyan said...

I think that today and tomorrow we would be bouncing around 1120. Starting from thusday (monday the latest) we plunge.
1000 is my conservative target

Anonymous said...

dont let em get to you jay,as far as yesterday went,the map was'nt to bad at all.if anybody had a map that accurately predicted every high or low daily along with times,it would be a multi billion pound secret.just use it for guidance along with your own ta and its another handy confirmation tool. anyway back to today,ive just shorted the futures at +6,i would be very surprised if we dont fill todays gap,if we dont its some type of crooked manipulation that will be undone in the coming days.

Jay Strauss said...

Activity index UP to 333 at 9am, now off that high but still at 266

showing strength this AM
Yesterday was an 8 day high
Today is an 8 day turn

High today by noon
Down tomrrow
Up Ths & Fri

Yes Sirgiyan
we both have the radar set for Monday March 8th start a serious downtrend, and thats been out there for a month of more.

Since I DONT make the daily graph, I can publish it anytime

samamehta said...

agreee jay march 8s the day. getin shorts by friday close.

sirgiyan said...

Also we have two unfilled gaps in a row on SPY - today's would be closed by the end of the day. almost guaranteed

x-man said...

deleting anything which doesn't agree with what you say is dictatorial and suggests you are unsure of your own mind.

This cannot make you a good trader jay and you would not last long in a trading environment if you let other peoples opinion annoy you just because they are not agreeing with you all the time.

your charts and methods are random have no predictive value IMO.

For that reason i too am leaving and advise others to do the same

:) goodbye


sirgiyan said...

In my view, if someone is providing you with his thoughts and ideas you MUST! MUST respect him.
Only those who is not affraid of thinking and trying different things (regardless of teh outcome) make this world go around.


Jay Strauss said...

thanks Sirgiyan
Well said

Some of these people remind me of VERIZON

They have been advertising their cellular product which in itself is just fine, and showing us their network is ok too
Then they are FALSELY displaying
the ATT network as LACKING in comparison

Now comes ATT, with NO comparison, just a person describing all the cities where they have connections

Guess what?

gin said...

Sirgiyan you said it.

Many forget the many good big picture plays Jay gives out.

Jay Strauss said...

Activity index has plunged from early highs.
was at 333 this morning, and now at 12;30 is bouncing off 100 to 133

Mkt should be declining and It appears to be losing some ground

High today was at noon:15 as I posted early this morning, the mkt should make a high around noon

The reading today says I should be tolerant with those who disagree with me. Hmmm OK.

78% retrace = 1127
IF we dont break out above it we will NOT get to 1150 on this run.

falling short of that target portends lower prices dead ahead

DO you want to see the daily graph


wendy said...

make up and display the graph at the end of the day - that's the only way you are going to be right

the planets arent helping
live with it
nothing to see here
time to move on

Jay Strauss said...


HOW MANY TIMES I have written this




and YOU are NOT going to force me to divulge my source

DO you think I JUST fell off the back of the turnip truck

And I posted this b4- ONCE I DECIDED to post the graph after the fact YOU WOULD EASILY ACCUSE ME OF FUDGING IT

Today's graph shall remain a mystery ,and it would appear that it matters NOT for today, as nothing important is about to happen anyway

the MARCH graph stands
that one IS made by ME and is DERIVED from astro aspects


Sherm said...

Jay, just ignore these people. If they would scroll down they can clearly see that the March graph shows a rally this week. I think you even said a rally until the 5th/8th and then a downtrend.

Jay Strauss said...

thanks Sherm
I think this is a crowd that is
similar to Tea party

They seem to have the SAME AGENDA

They dont know what they really want except to upset the applecart

FYI, the mkt is following the daily graph today, and is heading lower into tomrrow

Helge also shows a dip tomrrow


Anonymous said...

waited all day for the gap fill and its such a struggle,taking profit here 3.7pts.

Anonymous said...

ha ha,it immediately breaks lower..

Jay Strauss said...

Wendy just gave me an out
Post near nothing, and they will leave

The only thing they come here for is to negate my graph

I never has such weirdos until I started publishing the graph
then it became too vague for them

They want SPECIFIC times and specific spx values

My work has always been TIME

publishing a daily graph doesnt seem to fit well, but it was worth a try.

Xman & wendy see no value - wow thats great- Dont let the door hit you in the butt

I was posting values before from the power & propensity indexes, and they were not bashed

Then they made fun of my typo's
what the hell is that supposed to mean??

TOO bad I didnt publish the graph here, but MY Yahoo group got it.
and I guess they will be the privy ones- it happens to be a GROUP of EXCELLENT techs and traders some of whom ive conversed with for years.


Jeff said...


Those of us who appreciate your work far outnumber the anons. Please ignore their comments. We appreciate your work and your efforts, even if we sometimes remain quiet. You should be proud of what you have created here

stockdoc said...

Jay, just ignore your detractors. Keep publishing your data. I find your site very useful in conjunction with elliott wave and other approaches.

crissy said...

Dear Gerald, knowing you for more than 10 years now ( from good ol' Crystal Ball), I know who you are and waht preciseness your projections have, usually.

But I remember somebody at Iians page, showing that this whole 2010 is a kind of inverted cycle ( if it wasn't Iiian himself.

I can't remember, cause I've got to go unfrequently to hospital, so I'm anyway not able to trade. But still interested.

There is no way, to be pissed off by affrends, as the doggy never is able to piss that high as his master. Ever keep that in mind.

Best wishes,


hannahzzz said...

I hope you know I am not THAT Wendy. I'm the one that respects your graphs. -Wendy

Jay Strauss said...

thanks to all my supporters

Yes Ive had some success over the years and HELPED more of you than
I know about & will continue to do so regardless of the TEA PARTLY crowd
ps that is not a mis spelling