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Thursday, March 04, 2010

THE PROCESS- Today's graph

As Ive mentioned SEVERAL TIMES, the graph comes to me from
data that STREAMS all day and night.
IT is SOMETIMES very difficult to DETERMINE the end of one day
and the START of the NEXT DAY as it was today,
NOW you will see the results of this process below.

Pick on me if you want, but I dare ANYONE ELSE to find such a remarkable TOOL
that will show traders the next day in advance, or even come close to what Ive discovered.

THE BOTTOM graph was the FIRST one and you can see the times it was published

SINCE the UPDATED graph started earlier, it would have been
logical to cut it off sooner also
and that would have been a PERFECT score for today
This graph at the top of the page was posted to the yahoo group
at 4pm, YES 4pm, thats RIGHT 4pm
I posted it to show how the process works.

AND IM SURE there are some REAL traders, and REAL professionals
who would probably go to great lengths to get this kind of knowledge.

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daily guidance

ITS possible the day may end up looking like this
the data runs overnight, and it is difficult to know when
one day ends and the next one begins

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daily guidance

Still experimental

March 4th


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Jay Strauss said...

the data for tomrrows graph is NOT quite finished yet, but this time
I will show you the STREAM from Today's close thru tomrrow's close
which includes the overnight data.

Now this might be very helpful for FUTURES traders having overnite data to work with.

Since I dont trade futures, I have not been publishing it that way, but Im sure there are some who would find such info Invaluable.


JUDY said...

jay- what is name of ur yahoo gp

Reza said...


Cannot view the charts


gin said...

FWIW I've been able to take your statements, use them with my own work and have a high percentage win/loss ratio.

I'm not a day trader so I could care less about a few ticks off here and there.

Jay Strauss said...

thanks GIN
cant imagine how it would not help.

and Im glad to hear your combining with your OWN work

thats what its intended to do

Never follow anyone BLINDLY


Kc135a said...


You have today as a top. If the markets continue to follow the turns on your monthly chart for the balance of the month you will go down in my book as the first forecasting God I have discovered in 12 years of doing this crazy business.

I hope we both win!