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Friday, March 12, 2010

Original March Graph plus power index

This was the ORIGINAL publihsed graph of March back in Feb, and then I did something dumb
I adjusted it, because I didnt think they would really last till the new moon

HOWEVER, That seems to be exactly what is happening

Today for example is expected to be a troublesome day and bounce around like a yoyo
but shuold close lower

Mondays power index starts the day lower but the
NEW MOON promises to TOP everything OFF at the End of the day

And as you see from the graph, 16th to 18th actually STARTS the down trend,
that many of us have been expecting, and YES the anticipation is killing us

more later

1 comment:

sirgiyan said...

Well, I still wounder when exactly does new moon take place Eastern Time? Anybody care to share?