Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25th

more later

IT'S rather OBVIOUS that 204 bars pivot was on CLOSE yesterday

WE are nearing 54 or 55 weeks from march 9th, 2009

DOES that mean a LOW a coming or a high OR BOTH

Tomrrow is 265 tr days / 5 = 53 weeks
which means April -1st is 54 weeks or 270 tr days - actually 269
272 makes a perfect 8 day cycle low schedule for April 7th

BUT there is NO negative energy on the 7th to drag down our psych
there could however be a STALLING as the cycle pivots



Cementzak said...

been waiting for 1175-1180 ES all week, looks like it is finally coming today - a decline to at least 1135 will follow


Anonymous said...

in short at 1178.6.

Anonymous said...

this could be it.holding short for now.

rrman said...

long euro /6e 1.328 will have a big pop before europe open then they will sell it off big after midnight big gap down in the morning

rrman said...

imo tomorrow at open will be the low for a few days monday big up day tuesday big up might reverse before close but i would guess new highs then wed start our big down into the 7th of April

Jay Strauss said...

If yuo want to see what the EKG was today compared to the pulse and ekg, let me know & I'll publish it, but other wise everything went as previously projected


cementzak said...

more later.


crissy said...


Thank you so much for sharing your € trades and thougts.

Do you post frequently on any board ?

You're amazingly correct in predicting the moves.


rrman said...

me and some other guys trade the euro /6e 24/7 on tickerforum

crissy said...

Thank you, rrman, after a doc's visit, I'll come along, if pwermitted.

Jay, if you could answer me tomorrow:

do I get you right, that the 7th of April may get a high ( this is a real extension for the dax) ? Sorry for asking, but sometimes I don't understand you exactly, please don't forget, that this is a learnt language for me.

thx for answer,


samamehta said...

Just a reminder: FWIW

Panic days Marh 23 to March 30

rrman said...

OMG Passover is the 29th of March!!
I think Israel will bomb Iran on Shabbat or Passover

Russian oil company announced will not do Iran Contract....I think they know Israel is going to bomb Iran and This dustup between the US and Israel is cover for us with the Arab World...we can say hey we can't control em dont blame us....

Its getting ready to happen!

FWIW, Lloyd's of London just on Monday placed Iran on it's "high risk" list for shipping insurance.

Odd timing considering the Iran nuke program/sanctions issue has been at the forefront of geopolitics since the New Year . . .
Diego Garcia is a joint US Britain Base it seems the bombs were diverted
there because we are going to let Israel's bombers use the base
Isn't it interesting that both Britain and the US pick fights with Israel
for cover while we let them use our joint base to bomb Iran...

rrman said...

Thanks Sam love that website

rrman said...

just reversed out of long into short big position 1.3336 on /6e Euro

crissy said...


tried to visit you over there, but the page denies entry, though I registered at

rrman said...

Still short /6e euro think this wave was delayed Helge shows down until 1230 pm central today unless it continues to delay