Friday, March 19, 2010


IN case NO ONE noticed this

EVERY month in the last 10, and maybe more,
I only went back about 10 months

EACH MONTH began on a LOW in the first week
the MONTH high was at or near the 18-19th

there is STILL support from
Spring equinox
Midnite high tide
Sunny Skies
today's read calls for mixed trends

Sunday's energy supports passage of the health care bill
1. enthusiasm- assertiveness- & confidence
2. be responsible to your obligations & live up to others expectations
written by interpreter RONNIE GRISHMAN



RickyBobby said...

I bought some longs now.

RickyBobby said...

Monday open should be higher than right now

RickyBobby said...


rrman said...

still short target on /es is 1045/50 will get out of shorts buy long /6e at close

RickyBobby said...

We will ramp up very soon!

Don't under estimate OPEX day

Cementzak said...

yeah rrman, 1145/50 is the master key support level.


Jay Strauss said...

NOON is 180 Bars

and should offer a short term low.


Jay Strauss said...

today could end where it started
Prlim for Monday shows not much change- same as today

churning ??

since March 23rd is Bradley, and they are still holding in at recent highs, then we should suspect a strong turn lower at that point.

As I pointed out many times in the past, the 23rd of the month is represented by the number "5" which in numerology does equate to CHANGE

AND as recently researched
we have seen MONTHLY lows in the first week of each month and highs toward the 19th-20th of each month.

thus we now see lows and turns around the 5th of the month, and highs & turns around the 23rd,
Fitting in with numerolgical


Jay Strauss said...

Monday's power index seems to be showing some weakness might creep into trading, but at this point it would be difficult to determine
how weak.

BUT as previously mentioned

the MONTH high coming in on the
19th right at open does seem somewhat toppy having researched the previous 10 months proving highs at or near that date of each month.

Jay Strauss said...

Charts edge seems to be a winner this week

Reza said...

S&P under 1150.23, then gap down Monday

rrman said...

out of shorts not long /6e 1.3534 will hold over the weekend ...been a good week

rrman said...

now long type have a good weekend guys and gals

plastik129 said...

jay, how the hell do u make money doing this? lol ANyone who follows blogs is guaranteed to lose their ass. Dont say u weren't warned

Reza said...
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Reza said...


Looks like a gap down as Jay mentioned.

Jay Strauss said...

what are you warning me about

crissy said...


Jay Strauss said...

ok Crissy
Good work

samamehta said...

@jhamon MKT has a date with April 13 or so for an upward wave finish, then another shot in May, not sure which is higher; oh well
8:36 PM Mar 19th via web in reply to jhamon
Reply Retweet @jhamon SIMON has quite a big turn on 3/22 and I have 2 strong bearish reversals at SPX 1165; Long $UNG from $7.44 :-)
7:05 PM Mar 19th via web in reply to jhamon

samamehta said...

from FLASH@jhamon @samamehta 1st SIMON peak window for April is; (4/10,4/12,4/13); we have a ttl of 5 of them; the most I have ever seen at 1 time
about 3 hours ago via web
Reply Retweet @jhamon looking for a decent low in the indexes somewhere around 28-30 March; April should go back up into the SIMON peak window
about 3 hours ago via web in reply to jhamon

RickyBobby said...

I thought "simon" was dead.

Looks like a gap-up

Jay Strauss said...

thanks for FLASH update

Its a little too soon for April output as yet.

BUT As Ive posted several times

April-1st LOW should lead to a strong rally all the way thru late June and or Mid July

Speculating on a short term high on April 14th at this time is not productive

note I wrote April 14th