Tuesday, March 09, 2010

March 9th Daily EKG

Compare todays mkt with the above and below graphs
Yesterdays EKG was nearly FLAT and publishing the graph would have added nothing

BUT TODAY is very different

A Tidal shift occurred last night

and thus we see the results today and thru Friday, imo

I have shown Monday 15th as down on the March chart, but it could go either way,
and the 16th could be the intraday SPIKE DOWN
SO, be prepared for extreme volatility those 2 days

activity index- MARKET PULSE was FLAT all night at 100 and is still there at 9am

more later


Jay Strauss said...

Accept my thanks to new people logging in as followers, and becoming members

Appreciate your participation

excellent tech comments from many of you


rrman said...

Thanks Jay for the update...I'm still long Euro breaking my plan to not trade during regular trading hours but I think we are up all day then I will go short at close big wave down afterhours

"^A^" said...

100% success rate with
leave the loser
join the winner

jed said...

if you believe all the testimonials are 'genuine' on astralguide's blog you are a big patsy.

No fake terstimonials on here.

If jay is crap we tell him. ;)
the daily graph suggests a fall later today - still waiting for that :)

rrman said...

still long euro I'm still thinking we go up until close then short the hell out of everthing for the afterhours

sirgiyan said...

"If jay is crap we tell him. ;)"

!!!Friends will be friends!!! (c) Queen

Jay Strauss said...

there are good ways to
express yourself as adults, and there are other ways to act out and be less than professional

1pm activity index just took a dive
from 266 to 133


Jay Strauss said...

remember that TOPS ROLL and bottoms PIVOT

Once this DOES ROLL OVER, then it wont stop until ApriL-1st


ARAK said...


Tide today thru friday seems to have inverted. Helge's chart seems to support that idea.

Frank said...

astralguide has 25 followers and 30 testimonials and he himself claims 99.5% accuracy. Modest eh?

Jay admits when he gets it wrong and is getting it 'inverted' (up side down) today, so
could the rise we were expecting tomorrow be happening today? if so what of tomorrow?

tides aren't working at the moment


astralguide said...

Hello Friends
This comparison thing is so naive and innocent.

Please do not waste your time in these things. My blog is nothing but a small attempt to help some of my trading friends whom I know and they dont even post or sign up.
But I am happy that there are people who make use of the info we put up.

Pl know that Jay is a wonderful wise person whom you must respect as I do. We all have something unique and beautiful to contribute. I can not even compare to the knowledge Jay has. He has been blogging for years and not for his personal gain or anything but to share his thoughts while he trades his account.
To say anything disrespectful to such a friend is very childish. Please do not fall in these things.

The best we could do is compare our notes and read all possible blogs and you are welcome to see mine but not for criticizing each other but to see where the flow is going. I never have claimed anything or brag cos there is nothing to claim. I share little knowledge I have and if that helps me and some of the "ungrateful" friends I have, you should also make use.
Jay has his own mechanism, style and research methods which are very interesting and as he has so many times said he is not asking anyone to buy or sell but just oriented.

My humble blog that is pretty recent is just supplementary in nature because I am analyzing the micro trends inside the macro trends and that may work or not we will know in time. I have said many times on a few sites that we must never decide what others think or write or even pure astrology or other non traditional wisdom, but what use our own perceptive wisdom as final loss or gain is our own responsiblity.

So dear friends please leave me and Jay alone in comparing cos I am no where near his experience.
I admire and respect him.

I am bit surprised at a comment some anonymous friend left on this blog. Nobody is a winner or loser just for giving an opinion.

We lose or win by our own personal analysis and decisions.

I will repeat you that despite KNOWING all and knowing the direction even then we can lose if we do not execute IN TIME or at right time.

Our blogs are a humble attempt to project our views and these should be taken like advise of a driving instructor.
How you drive is your personal style and choice.

You are most welcome to give us concrete, specific critical views which we will accept but not bash one or other. It is not a good idea nor makes sense.

Let us be honest, practical and helpful to others. When we help others we help ourselves too.

I know MARS energy is spreading so its kind of expected but dont be so excited by leaving funny comments.

Let us focus on the market and the micro macro trends.

Reza said...

Thanks Jay and Astral, Centek and others

Don't pay attention to the comparison trolls. Everyone's anylysis is unique.

Reza said...

Forgot to mention rrman Da Man, who is another unique trader

sally said...

on 2nd march 2010 you posted on your blogsite:

"All timings that were posted on in past 7 trading days have been 99.5 % accurate."

Congratulations if you really can get anything approaching that figure of accuracy astral. If you cannot, maybe delete it from your blog?

ARAK said...

bear case requires a red cash close today.

rrman said...

Guys if you have any ammo left short the close and cover at the open!

Reza said...

For the trolls,

Mar 6, 2009 market bottom. Mar 6 2010. After one year people held the stocks they bought around Mar 2009 bottom. They need to cash out for tax purposes based on no tax. As per Jay's chart indicates that big boys are selling at higher prices and after that there will be some forced selling.

Reza said...


Thanks for your update

astralguide said...

Dear Sally

Yes I did post, it is a slight jubilating kind of excitement like a child because I am new to micro trends which are tough to crack because of so many variables. But besides pure esoteric astrology I also use many other astral mathematical or cyclic factors and the interesting is that 99% of what I posted for 2 consecutive weeks came out to be parallel or near the real market. So I got bit excited:)
We still need to refine much more and I am trying to reach to closer reality. My experience is that when we can see the micro reality or nano reality we can look at macro reality with more efficiency. Thats my target is.

See there are dozens of astro or similar sites and they put up extreme literature each day but most of it says little about the real stuff of what happens in market. I am trying to co-relate some seen and unseen factors and still testing.

I dint mean to "brag" in reality but just put a note for myself to see it later. Actually few of my friends who are skeptical of my views sometimes wrote me notes of congratulations because they really tested my views in realtime. I hope we can continue to make sense for our mutual benefits.
Please keep an eye on these blogs and try to read in between the lines. We can provide hints and ideas on direction but even if we hit 70% we can still make sense and its usefulness has some value.

One more thing I add is that there are some totally unrealistic people who sell their views at very high cost but since they are not open for criticism others never come to know.
Jay lets us vent our views freely so we are grateful to him.

Jay Strauss said...

What RISE tomrrow are you referring to????????

Please dont get confused

Today's sell off should continue tomrrow UNTIL 11am as previously posted several times @ the 13day cycle PIVOT

Any rally from there into the 11th is a gift for shorters
I will do it again

but lets wait for the EKG before
deciding on action


x said...

Nobody will believe anyone who claims 99.5% accuracy and if they do they know nothing about trading and jay makes no such claims

Tomorrow looks UP on jays March chart, but that could be wrong

The general direction appears to be down towards the end of the month and his monthly chart shows that clearly.

x said...

that should say Jay's monthly chart shows that clearly

(Not the other individual)

rrman said...

ok out of longs now short /6e big time will hold until open tomorrow there will be some shakout waves tonight don't let em shake you out of your short!

Reza said...

Thanks rrman

Jeff said...


Good perspective. Thanks again.