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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Whats Next

Seem to be heading in a southward direction today, but the bull party is not over just yet

Today's reading is
tempers flare up
expect arguments

62%/13day at 11:13am

30bars at 11;30
60bars at 2pm

Energy influences today
1;14pm - neg
1;37pm - neg
2:04pm - neg
3:44pm -Pos
6pm - neg

daily guidance will be shown when there is a dramatic influence

There is NO sense showing a GRAPH for a day that has little price changes

THE monthly charts have been done well.

Recently Showed
Dec 31st low
Jan 20 Hi
Feb8th low then 18th & 26th Highs
NOW showing March 5th high & April1st low

more later


after8 said...

looks like we could be on a tear today,got a turn around 10:45 which should be a high.could be a nice short to between the 11:13 to 11:30 zone

Jay Strauss said...

After 8
that could work for a short term play
Im still holding off for the bigger move next week


after8 said...

got to be nimble with shorts this week jay,you know how this grind up can turn into a supernova up at any time.still no real pullback to get a decent long entry either so just scalping for me you say things should turn round next week and we can grab some real points.

Jay Strauss said...

Activity index so far

Was at 100 at 3am
ran up to 266 at 9am
Just took a TUMBLE at 10am
got to 133 and jumped back to
200 at 10;30am


Jay Strauss said...

After 8
Mostly positive energy this week

Ying this week, changes to Yang next week, and lingers till EOM

sirgiyan said...

Morning Gentlemen,
I would say we have THIRD unfilled gap up in a row right now.
I'm short here

after8 said...

morning sirgiyan,they certainly dont like filling them gaps lately.

sirgiyan said...

I see, but THREE in a ROW... give me break

after8 said...

sold 1123.7 cash. 2.5pt stop. does not look like it wants any down at all though.we'll see.

w said...

My reading for the day is that there will be no arguements and no tempers and no anons.

You are writing in clear Engish now (your teacher wife has maybe helped) but I still say you will not get 200 followers and make $$$ out of this blog as you want to unless the daily info becomes more accurate and consistent.

If that happens you should be able to make money trading instead of hoping the blogging makes money which is unlikely BTW.

Keep doing your best

w said...

I am being sent what you write on your yahoo group jay and it is not always pleasant and not always the same as on here and a bit confusing therefore as though you are talking out of both sides of your mouth so to speak.

Followers can make up there own minds by joining your short term timing yahoo group and decide on the whys and wherefores and judge which is the better outlet for your work.

There will be no arguments on this day, but you need to decide which to continue, the yahoo group or this site, perhaps running both will be conflicting and difficult for you my friend.


after8 said...

getting out at breakeven here.

Jay Strauss said...

Thanks W
I didnt know that