Friday, June 10, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 10th - Closing Report

I dont know how ANYONE can CALL this 
AMAZING tool anything but 
Maybe I should keep it to myself until the day is over
and then show it to you.
but then of course you would say Im making it up , 
so here it is for real every day at 8:30 am 
80% DAILY ACCURACY since Jan 2011

Impact Stream at 3pm
June 10th @ 9am

HIghs possible today at 10:18 and or noon

This decline started May 2nd, 2011
It is happening in 5 waves-- whats that MEAN?

IMV- IT means the market TOPPED MAY 2nd at 1370 right at the 78.6% retrace
without any large correction in between - biggest was last summer - spx -210pts

IT also means that a 5 wave correction will be labeled as wave [1]
so what, you say. When the FIRST wave down occurs in 5 waves, you can expect
that will be just the start of a long term correction and wave [2] on Aug 6th should not
exceed 1370. From there, it will probably be another 2 years to 2013 before we reach
the end of a long and tedious downtrend very similar to 2002 - 2003.

AS for now we can expect the mkt to now head to a low at 1254 on or b4 June 14 to 16

Once wave 3  is completed at that level, we still should get wave 4 on June 20
and  wave 5 on June 24.

Given for now a low of 1254, took away 95 pts from 1345
the 4th wve rebound should =
38% x 95 = 36 pts + 1254= 1290, where it is right now at the high of wave iv.[iii].3
You can Do the math for 50% & 62 %

From 1290-1295, wave v should duplicate wave 1 of 58pts- was 1370 -1312
which gives us 1295- 58 = 1237 scheduled for June 24th
which I mentioned b4 using another math method

more later


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Jay Strauss said...

Power data a little murky for Monday
but If i put it all together, ive got it this way

Intrday LOW monday between NOON & 1:30pm
FLATTENs out the rest of the day
Rally Tuesday till NOON
then down again to either a match or new low from 2:30 to 10am the next day.
15th could start lower, but hold & rebound some
16th could start lower, rebound and start 4th wave to 20th high