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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 15th - Morning Report

June15th @ 8:25am
AT 8:35 S&P futures NOW OFF 12.20 and dow off 100
Europe DOWN
OIL down

Frequently then the EKG has a long tail indicating a lower close, and the mkt only starts to sell off
at the end of the day, it follows thru the next morning.

Some are thinking that June 13 @ 1266 was the wave 3 low
IMV, i think it will be today a little lower & should set the CLOSING LOW of the week
adn teh clsoing low of wave 3

TOmrrow AM appears should open lower, thus really setting the wave 3 intraday low
and thats why the JAYWIZ charts show a rally on Friday

Remember I mentioned that some techs posted today as a cycle convergence
 AND TODAY SHOULD LOOK JUST LIKE JUNE 1st Eclipse day which followed May31st rally day,

Psych read for today
$$ affairs come to a head - goes along with the above cycle convergence

90b @ 10:30
126b @ 1:30
156b @ 4pm or OPEN NEXT DAY

wild mood swings today
Looks like that 156b pivot might be hitting at open.
228b @ 3;30- could be the most important turn of the week

More Later

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