POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 14th - Morning adjunct

I cant seem to Manipulate the blog to get both charts side by side but this shows you the EXTREME Downtrend the mkt is in RIGHT NOW< and the likely CULMINATION to 1200
or lower in the next 3 days.
Wed at 4;14 is Full moon lunar ECLIPSE
June 1st was a New moon Solar Eclipse

Eclipses are generally HIGHLY energetic, and can have
Exacerbated influences in Either DIRECTION which right now is DOWN.



Jay Strauss said...

1345-1266= 80
38% = 30 + 1266 = 1296

According to one tech a number of
cycles converge on the 15th, BUT IMV, it looks like that convergence is TODAY.

If 1266 = wave [i] of 3
then today possibly = wv [ii]
next is [iii]

rally today was expected and noted by the weekly power data & energy graphs

3 eclipses within 30days
remarkable coincidence ??


Jay Strauss said...

Using the 40pt rule of thumb for the SPX, we clearly see 80 pts from the 1345 high got hit at 1266.

730-80 = 650
and we all know it stopped at 666

NOW we can possibly look at the next low using the same guide

1296-80 = 1216
1296= 120=1176

a 13% correction off 1370 =178pts
which = 1192

Jay Strauss said...

MOmentum on that last rally was UNDER WATER

hit 1289.34 at 12:11 HIGHS as projected

1266 to 1289
ABC completed wv [ii]


Jay Strauss said...

today reminds me of MAY 31st

we all know what happened after