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Monday, June 06, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 7th - Wave report

Its only a guess that V has completed for wave (iii)
based on the other pieces of the puzzle, it would seem there might be a little more to go.

however, we did get 1345-58=1287 or damn close ~~ actual 1284.72 was intraday low

58X 1.618 = 95 - 1345= 1250
there is potential for 1250 , but not tomorrow
1317-1285= 32 pts
A rebound of about 50% could take the spx to 1301 or higher.

 WAS that enuf for now?
The 150bar & neg energy at 11;30 seem to say no, but that pivot low could come off a higher opening

we cant really answer that until we see the Futures at 8:30am

The psych read for tomrrow indicates a lower open, but that could last all of 5minutes or 2 hours
then it indicates a much better afternoon, just as the monthly graphs depict.

more tomrrow

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