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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 23rd - Closing Report

Tomorrow's anticipated rebound looks DONE in an ABC to 1284 the 
+21 fibo level off the 11am low at 1263- today's EKG as published does 
not warrant an applause. The extension does show such but not published.
June23@ 8:25am

I had to copy & paste again making the EKG look a little funky
Today's open appears locked no matter what the JOBS data reports at 8:30am
and as suspected the Jobs report is weak thus enhancing the down push.
Previously discussed was spx @ 1270 as a neccessary low point tht shows the mkt has NO intention of attempting to
make another run on 1300--
**********THAT SHIP HAS SAILED********

BUT we are still considering 30bars within the first 5-10 minutes at OPEN to set a low from which they can rebound to
noon at the latest in a possible wave ii of [i] of 5 of [1]

what that means is JUST what was projected in the last few days and weeks- A DECLINE To at least 1240.
If that does occur by Monday, then the actual ending low of [1] might just break under 1200 by July 1st.
30b@ open
60b @ 11am
13day @ 11am
90b@ 2;30pm

The cycle convergence at 11am could set a pivot 
into a noon high as previously projected

I rally hope many of YOU are reading the OLDER publishing's in order to keep abreast with the current one.

And as mentioned b4, this blogger would like to see participation , but there was a great deal of annoying interference from what seems to have been a very JEALOUS
commentator and thus I had to cut off that distraction in order to concentrate on more important matters

As you can see, it clearly  has been much better- SO DONT JUST KICK THE TIRES - look around and show me you really care about learning more about my methods,& continuing this blog as well.

More later



Jay Strauss said...

THE initial low was hit in the first 5 minutes at 1269, now giving up more most likely to the 39hr cycle at 10am

sold my short position, and will re short at the noon rebound high
or there abouts should recover near half of the early loss


Some techs have mentioned we are in the Puetz crash window, and Monday will be54 April 8th as well as 54 Cal days May2nd.

Ive mentioned JUNE 27th many times in the last 2 months, and it is looking JUST RIGHT said the papa bear --[gg]


Jay Strauss said...

from 1263 low in 3 waves , now in 4th, looking for 5th at or near close LOWER

1298-1263= 34.58 FIBO
+8= 1271
+13 = 1276@ 1:30 was high energy peak

After 1:30 and heading lower again

if they break 1258 , im looking for 1240 possibly


1298 - 1240 = 58 almost fibo
- 55 = 1243 very possible

55 lost
fibo up
1243+ 21 = 1264 by 10am easy
1243+ 34 = 1277 maybe not