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Monday, June 27, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 27th - Closing Report

get Ready to break SPX 1253 by Friday
Augmented June27th EKG- had to include what has been thought of as pre-market hours 

June27th @ 2;30pm, but this REPRESENTS the Preliminary view of TOMMROW

Positive energy peaks today at 3pm

Neg energy flows late night but should spill over to Tomrrow's GAP DOWN OPEN

Today they got back the FULL 78% retrace of Friday's loss

The backdrop for today's rally comes from an oversold condition as shown by the PC ratios

The back drop for a late sell off and DOWN GAP open will be the lack of any agreement
between the Pres & Eric Canot, oh I mean Cantor

The Psych reads for Mon & Tues seem to have flipped.

Ive gotten a number of positive responses to the advent of a VPN- virtual private network
for daily collaboration to include intraday updates, charts, graphs, wave structure, pviots, cycles, energy effects and much more. The cost is $100/ 90 days NOW starting on July 1st, but YOU can JOIN the VPN group anytime thats convenient for you, and I will be tracking each member on an XL spread sheet.
PayPal allows you to use any credit card you prefer, and they will provide me with all the data I need to acknowledge & welcome your membership.

more later


Jay Strauss said...

NOPADOLP: I am not JAY I am just a member but I wanna share my view. I think around early JULY all market could carve out bottom or maybe this week and then JULY could rally and continues to end of AUG.

See JULY 7&8

Jay Strauss said...

If 1263 was the bottom of a wave 1 from 1298 = 35 pts
and today hit 1284.90 twice for a wave 2 FLAT @ 62% retrace,
then the NEXT wave is a 3 & should = 55pts to 1229
at least by Friday, I would think.
tomrrow am should gap open down