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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 12th - Wave Report & Projections

I think I labeled this correctly, but even if NOT exactly as an Elliott officionado-

Most of the Elliott wavers and or chartists are viewing the market today with potential to STILL
attempt to go back to 1370, or at least 1312 in the next few days.
Most Elliotticians do not EMPLOY the USE of ENERGY, or any of the other tools that
Ive been showing you for the last 2 years.

AS Daneric wrote today, IF spx 1250 BREAKS, then the chances of getting to or above
will dwindle from slim to none.

A Corrective wave that occurs in 5 distinct waves as this one seems to be accruing, THAT is ONLY
the START of a LONG TERM corrective pattern that will take us to 2012, and 2013 before
its really over.

Some techs are even looking at a 33 year cycle from 1982 = 2015,
2015 could also be a LOW, yes, BUT IMV, it might only be a setback from an initial wave
in the NEXT IMPULSE SERIES coming out of the Kondratieff Winter into Spring.
And that CYCLE can run from 55 to 70 years, so its in NO HURRY to make astounding new

This down leg began on June1st at 1345, and wave i lost 40pts to 1305

IF wave v of IV = the same, then 1294 - 40 = 1254, and MANY techs will jump on that right away.
claiming the correction might be over,
40X 1.618 = 65pts - 1294 = 1229
If wave v of IV gets to 1229 this week,  and or next week on the 24th,
then all hope of making news highs above 1370 this year should be considered lost.
And IMV, as above for next 3 to 4 years.


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