Thursday, June 23, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 23rd - After Market Report

Even if teh EKG was not perfect today- ALL THE OTHER Parameters were offered in advance and available to any trader to use for FREE

11am LOW hit at 10:45 am
pivot convergence at 11am was
60bars & 13 day @ 1263 a solid FIBO 34.58 pts

A high at 1:30 PM was noted as HIGH ENERGY
 and FIBO + 13 pts retrace to 1276

A PIVOT low at 2;30 on the 90bar cycle was noted in advance
and the mkt turned a few minutes later to close at 1284
another FIBO level + 21pts

IF the mkt had closed at or near the LOW of the day, then a rally to 1284 would have been anticipated for tomrrow AM, but that ship has landed.

SO whats NEXT
we still have a VERY IMPORTANT LOW set for Monday at
11am on anther multiple cycle & neg energy convergence

and it has been noted by some to expect a low at 1240
why? weve discussed this MANY TIMES
wave 1 = wave 5
wave 1 was 58 pts
wave 4 topped at 1298 yesterday at 2pm
1298-58= 1240
UNLESS 1240 gets taken out tomorrow, then that level still stands as most probable.

More Later

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