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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 7th - Closing Report

Impact stream shows early strength which wanes afterward
June 7th @ 8am
YES, I know, this looks just like what ACTUALLY happened yesterday

WILL it repeat that today, not very llikely, imo.

However, IT does agree with the POWER DATA source, so do be aware of a late drop off possible.
Maybe not as deep as this shows, but IVE WARNED MANY TIMES, ITS DIRECTION that counts, NOT AMPLITUDE.
Thus YESTERDAY was PERFECT as it showed an afternoon drop off which occurred from the mid day high at 1297 to a 3:15 low at 1285.

repeat Today's psych
expecting a little hangover from yesterday, thus we have potential
for a setback off the 39 hour, 10am high to that 11:30 double cycle pivot.

Bar cycle pivots today
150b @11:30
180B @ 2pm
204b @ close

The WAVE graph that I published yesterday would indicate an A-B -C rebound would be in effect most of today, thus the higher open and 11;30 pivot fit right into wave's A & B, leaving "C" UP to occur most of the day after 11;30am


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