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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 23rd - Prelim Report

updated @ 8pm
June 22 @ 7PM
HEY FOLKS- NOW that your here, dont just kick the tires
thanks- Jay
As projected Yesterday we got an 11am high
and 4pm LOW @ 30 bars as posted b4.

Tomrrow suggests a bias higher, 
but not for much and not for long.

Wave 4 hit its top at 11am at 1298.42, and YES it was a little higher than projected at 1292- GEEWHIZ, WELL JUST SHOOT me, I must have been asleep- ggg

SO< whats NEXT and WHEN do we get a REAL correction?
Great question, Im glad you asked

If today or tomrrow am finishes wv i of [i] , then we can NOW expect wave ii of [i] which as previously had been projected as recovering some lost ground, but is VERY LIMITED unless they open much lower tomrrow.

That doesnt seem very likely given all that we have mentioned
before on previous pages, but just in case you forgot or just tuning in for the first time.


Energetic START
Afternoon struggles- emotionally Jarring
30 bars looks like it hit at 4pm today, thus the next move is up
39 hours at 10am
today Jn 23rd OR yesterday is a BRADLEY DATE / TURN
55 from April 29th high to high, may have hit on 22nd

Indecision & confusion 
dont make false assumptions

Monday - Jn27th
A day of EXTREME Contrasts
gradual improvements in the afternoon

If today represents wav i of [i], and tomrw wvii of [i]
when is iii of [i] all in wave 5 of [1]

It would appear from the above that wviii of [i] will start on  Friday late  and finish Monday @ 11am
and finish on Monday at 11am.

Wave 1 was 58 pts
wave 3 was 87 pts
thats a 1.5% ratio or darn close to fibo 
at 1.618% would have been 94 pts

Wave 5 usually = wave 1
1298 - 58 = 1240 unless we get there BEFORE Monday at 11am

More later

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