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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 22nd - Closing Report

MAKE IT SO< said the Cptn


OK got it with COPY & PASTE from my Pics

UPLOADS are not loading at 8:15- will try later
8:30 uploads still not working -- GRRR
but in the meantime

IT shows a LOWER OPEN, but not as low as the earlier futures would have indicated
Activity index is FLAT at 200
Impact stream ALSO shows a similar track as the Futures this am

A lower open had been projected, but it doesnt look as deep as shorts would like.
there is a HIGH energy point at 10am, which might linger till 11am
And I cant verify a much lower close as the EKG shows
It might close where the EKG shows a FLATTENING

210bars at open is not one of the usual & customary pivots.
220b at 10am sometimes works but is in conflict with high energy at 10am
228b@ 11am - might work out if the 10:07 am high energy is only a brief momentary high
258B @ 1:30 comes right after the FED announce, but prior to the conference-
which last time was a YAWN
30 bars @ 4pm

Not that it will happen the same way today, but last friday had 258b @ 11;30, and 30 b@ 2pm
made a lower low on the day. the point here is that 258b DOES NOT GUARANTEE the LOD.

Yesterdays Neg energy expected at 2;45pm was OVER POWERED by the summer solstice

TOMRROW is STILL EXPECT TO hold a STRONG rally and the early EKG agrees.

THE BIGGER down draft NOW appears best for late THSDAY to Monday at 11am

IF the LOD today is only a minor retrace of the last rally from 1267 to 1297 or 38% of 30pts
= 11pts down to 1285 area, then tomrrow should make a run attempting to break 1300, and might even hit 1305, but dont expect much more than that.
the NEXT BIG MOVE is either a iii of 3 or a 5th wave of [1]

more later

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Jay Strauss said...

at 3:45 now off 68 dow

30 bars at close means HIGHER OPEN


But if you choose to think that way, dont let me stop you