Sunday, June 12, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 13th - Closing Report

another perfect EKG projection published at 8:30am, 
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As we can see from the Futures this AM, we will NOT have a DOWN open, 
and my 80%  sure DOWN open turns to zero on that call, but that doesn't change the 
days negative overtones using the original timing based on bar pivots & energy. 
It's NOW obvious that 180bars hit on Friday's close, thus 258bars will hit on today's close, 
but that does not insure the lod at close- remember NOT to pay attention to 
the AMPLITUDE depicted by the EKG. IT does not mean a HUGE Rally, 
and there's no way to tell WHEN the high or low will occur using the EKG. 
Jay-  JUNE13th @ 8am
Sunday June 12 @ 6:15pm
I was afraid of that, and didn't mention it before

180BARS  hits RIGHT AT open and can last up to 15 minutes overtime
Neg energy accompanies the 180b @ 9:35am
SO FAR SO GOOD, at least for the OPEN

NOW heres some of the problem, we really cant determine TIME from the EKG alone, so we have to look at other venues, such as the POWER DATA, and that agrees with the EKG as providing some uplift during the mid day hours

A NOON to MID DAY STAND off was mentioned, but the energy seemed to have a negative tone.
However as we see NOW from the EKG, & PD, that may NOT be the case.

THE POWER DATA for the 14th does however show a drop at the end of the day, but we will have to wait it out to if the EKG confirms.

SO from what it looks NOW as we approach evening, June13th probably WONT be a flash crash day,
AND there seems to be a HARD battle between the sellers & buyers. THE VIX at 18.80 shows us there is NO FEAR, and the BUY the DIP crowd is there every time, so far.
ITS AMAZING HOW a rising market only occasionally has strong back offs, but a falling mkt gets lots of support from the BUY DIP crowd at every opportunity.

Just because June 13th doesn't flash crash, DOESNT CHANGE anything else about the wave structure,
or a potential break of 1250 on Tues afternoon into WEd afternoon and Thsday at open.

That means Thsday's open should offer a really great buy opp for a few days till a June20th high.

more later

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