Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 28th - Morning Report

June 28th @ 8:35am
Futures at 8:30 indicate a moderate rise at open
THUS NO GAP DOWN TODAY as prelim seems to indicate

 Charts Edge graph above agrees with the JAYWIZ JUNE MONTHLY graph for this week, OTHER THAN  what already happened on Monday

Jaywiz graph showed a JUNE24low, rally on 27th, flattening on 28th, DIP on 29th - flat on 30th and a LOW on JULY 1st as does the graph above.

So needless to say, Jaywiz graph is in sync for the most part with CE for the balance of this week.

BOTH indicate Any UPSIDE the balance of this week is LIMITED and the BULK of the price action from Wed to Friday seems biased LOWER.

more later
More now
JAYWIZ index is at an EXTREME BEARISH level at .08
PC ratios are 50% bull/bear
High energy at 12:36pm today might provide the hod

More at 10am
35X 78= 27 + 1263 = 1290 RIGHT THERE at 10am

June28th @ 11am

I dont know what the delay factor is for the above, but they cant hold this level much longer

11am DAILY turn might back off into 11;30 at 30bars

Activity index yesterday only got to 1 66 at the hod, but TODAY is HOVERING at 0 to33
which agrees with the IMPACT stream above,
meaning this rally has limited life
and once the Greek parliament fails to pass the resolution, we WILL see the results.
OR it could ALSO be {BUY the RUMOR}{ SELL the news}

Jay @ 11am

Published May 31 & update June8th

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