Sunday, June 05, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -COMPARE June Projections

Jaywiz June 2011 UPDATED as of 6/5/2011
 Preliminary Jaywiz projections for June 2011
Alphie Lavoie for June 2011

THE Alphie GRAPH seems INVERTED to the other ones as we look at the comparisons-
so we might consider this one out of sync with the others -

UPDATED POWER DATA expanded projection for week of June10th

charts edge this week, just came out mid day today
some differences and some similarities to Jaywiz & SC
The main difference seems to be Friday's direction

IF YOU DO Use the above make adjustments as the month unfolds as the
EXACT dates shown on each graph above may NOT turn out to be so exact,
but the direction at or near that date might be a better way to use them.
just like the EKG, use the charts for DIRECTION ONLY, NOT AMPLITUDE

ps: You probably noticed that I try to be as visual as possible
WRITING long factual dissertations is tedious at best.
ive always been a visual learner and have a partial photographic memory.
That means I see charts & graphs in my mind when I recall my thoughts of them.

Most other sites seem to recount what happened the day or week prior and bring you up to date with a long dissertation of words, and maybe some complicated graphs.
My graphs are simple, easy to read & follow, and doesn't require a physics degree to understand.
More Later


Jay Strauss said...

"It's insane to try and figure out when a pullback is the "real thing"
or if its just the banks going short for a bit and pulling the rug. It
"smells" like the real thing, it really does. Looking at the charts,
adding in the economic news, my bones say "we're going to stair step
lower, much lower". yet lurking is Bernanke and his damn POMO money,
and possibly the announcement of QE 3. The second that hits, we gain
500 in a day. "

Jay Strauss said...


Wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks for the work you put into your blog. Been following you for +6 months and it's uncanny how your system is able to define turns. Question. Have you considered offering training webinars? If this ever interests you, let me know because I'm interested in learning more.

Wanted to send you some some money to say thanks. I'm a bit gunshy of paying over the internet. Do you have a PO Box or similar where I could mail a check?

Thanks again from sunny New Mexico.

HI Chris
Donate box is PayPal
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Jay Strauss said...

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