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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 15th - Wave report

Regardless of incorrect Elliott labels , YOU GET THE POINT

If this is correct, we should see the results at close today

WAVE v = [i] -  I know thats not correct labels, but it doesnt change the outcome
1345-1305= 40 pts, hmmm theres that 40pts rule of thumb again
1292 -40 pts = 1252
AND THATS what I had projected back in May.

THe final wave 5 on the 24th could exceed 1252 to 1235, or not, but its not important right this minute
more later


1 comment:

Jay Strauss said...

Another possible outcome

Wave [i].3 was 1345 - 1266 =80
wave [ii].3 back to 1292 june14
wave [iii].3 SPIKE lower
80x1.618= 130

IF this is real , it is happening RIGHT NOW thru tomrrow