Sunday, June 19, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -June 20th - Closing Update

Hey, there's NO DOUBT The EKG works extremely WELL
In View of the Futures at 8:30am we can expect the mkt to open lower,
recover and close out lower than the hod. - Elliott wavers are showing the spx in a
4th wave expanding triangle with possible 'e' wave to upper line at 1290.

June 19@ 4;30pm

I will be out most of the day tomrrow, but will check in when I return

60b @ 10am
90b @ 12:30

Friday hit 30bars on schedule exactly at 2pm

Today , Monday should be mostly biased higher till 3pm, then should cool off into the close

Tuesday is expect to be biased higher till noon the hour, and should cool
more dramatically than Monday into the close

WEd should also open higher that the previous close, but shouldnt last past 10am
Thsday is ALSO set for a high energy start and could continue till about noon

Friday looks like CONFUSION & cloudy thinking are the eminent psych for the day
DONT MAKE FALSE ASSUMPTIONS- IMO, that means Sentiment will be very negative
Dont get caught up in crash scenarios.

Monday June 27th might start out on the weak side, but should make gradual improvement during the day

more later


June 20 @ 9am -This is what Elliot wavers are indicating,
which adds validity to my outlook for today & tmorrow 

IMV, the 3rd wave low was June 13- labeled b above, and they are tracing out an IRREGULAR FLAT
where "a" is at 1292, now finishing "b" @ 1258, and "c" runs higher or equal to "a"

June 20 @ 9:30am


Jay Strauss said...

Futures at 6:30 and still negative and could impact the open till 10am @ the 60bar pivot

Jay Strauss said...

ITS 8:30NOW as I write this and the severe negative futures earlier are somewhat abating