Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ELLIOTT Wave v next

Thought you would ALL like to see this


cementzak said...

this count doesn't work on nasdaq - 1/4 overlap...


benjoyce said...

So how far down? Lower BB 1044
middle Monthly BB 990
Jim Carolyn has his bottom band (whatever it is) at 1014

?Bradley turning pt this weekend.
RSI broke 50 on daily and weekly- this means down (Kirby says so)
Maybe should sell my put friday at the close?

rose2797 said...

June 28 th is impt day. Larry Pesavato is saying big down day. Jay thinks it will big up day

JUFU said...

I think where Jay stands out is he combines cycles and astro into EW.

EW is always perfect in hindsight, but it feels like it's better just to confirm trends if you're trying to look forward.

That being said...good luck in which ever direction you go.

benjoyce said...

Larry Pesevento came out with a crash time a few weeks ago which didn't work out. At that time he said a window of time up to June 26 for big downside action.

Jim carolan is bearish up to June 29th but his dates have a few days leeway.

Any more details about Persenveto?

JUFU said...

Oh - how does Larry Pesevento define a crash?

Thurs/Fri could be pretty nasty days based on Jay's weekly preview - maybe that'll be the crash he's looking for.

AS said...

This is the pattern I am seeing on RUT too ... based on it my tgt for RUT is 62.95-63.5 ... this is why I went long TZA call into the close

For SPX - the level I see will be 1076-1081 ..

These are level for W5 .... don't know about crash scenario ...

If this is W5, then I expect ABC to be complete and then big push to 1150-1170 to happen on mkt after that ....

Kc135a said...

I never play implied 5th waves. Had tooooooo many of them turn into 3's the opposite direction. Anyway, why bother? Just be patient and catch the correction. The first 3 waves of any move is always a high odds trade.

Jay Strauss said...

EKG now up on the main page