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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Elliott waves

The above graph is from A PART OF NY blog and public charts

Considering an open at 1100-1102 tops this wave UP from the May25th low
which looks like an A B C

IMO, IF the next 3 days heads lower into June7th , and or June9th
I will be considering a BUY on the 9th heading into MY Anticipated HIGH
on JUNE 17th

If today marks a wave iv within 5 waves to June7th low
still remains open for discussion until it does or does not occur.

MY MATH models showing potential for spx 1009 as a low IS NOT A PREDICTION



Jay Strauss said...

ONE MORE attempt to break higher TOMRROW AM, but from there, It looks LOWER into
June 9th & or 11th

June 2nd bradley provided an early dip and rally

Next one is June10th
How will that work out?

Next week looks like
7th DOWN
8th Up
9th down
10th UP
11th DOWN start with improvement during the day

Im looking for a BULLISH BUY
IT would APPEAR at this moment
that Friday at 10am will most likely be that OPP


San said...

Dow jones rising wedge and triangle

AS said...

Jay - which Friday - tomm or next week - am assuming you mean next week ...

AS said...

Rman - can you share what you are seeing for tomm and next week ... still june 7th as a top ?

astralguide said...

Hey RRMAN read my response to your post on other thread with wave count..

What is your basis for calling 7th June as peak?
You perhaps mean to say a reversal?

Reza said...


Based on today's closing, I think you are right about buying the dip around on June 9 at 1008.

Reza said...


BP - GS is short, WFC is long. U play with it.

Abdullah said...

Reza, I will check on that ... BP is short, that is a suicide IMO.

Jay Strauss said...

Typically the 5th wave should settle
back to CLOSE at least at 1040, and or break lower to 1025, and or 1009

The LOWER values gives the TECh internals great strength to rebound back to at least 1120 by June17th


San said...

SP 500 Analysis after closing bell on 3rd june

Kc135a said...

The move for the next 1-2 weeks is all about SPX 1110. If it becomes support up into OPEX and most likely more up into month/quarter end.

If 1110 becomes resistance down into early OPEX to about 1040 and then up into Month end.

Jay Strauss said...

You ALL must understand

when I make a projection
it does NOT come off the top of my head or just a guess

ITS based on the FLOW of ENERGY
as they occur during the month


Jay Strauss said...

I got JUNE 3rd power index rebound
from a LOW-

IT happened on the 2nd

Thats an error based on the POWER INDEX GRID-- NOT MY WORK-

Maybe I should have caught it sooner, but when I get the grid, its very hard for me to DISAGREE WITH IT

HOWEVER< I will NOW be looking more often for ANOMALIES as I compare that power grid to OTHER data