Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Power index JULY 1 & 2

This would have been today's EKG is I had published it this morning, JUNE 30th

IVE ADDED the 2 previous publications for your convenience to review
The one above was posted last Sunday June 27th
The above graph was posted Last Sunday June 27th

I got OFF track, but NOW that we have a LOWER low than May 25th,
we can now start to see the makings of a short term pivot low
continuing to form over the next 2days

The JULY energy chart did also show JULY 1 & 2 similar to the above

The EKG, if it had been published did show a closing lower today
And there was a 180 BAR cycle pivot at 4pm today
& the readings for today were negative energy as previously written

NONE of the above negates the rally to come NEXT WEEK

As we can NOW see, the 13 hr cycle should POP a big one tomrrow AM,
but as the readings says will FIZZLE - Exactly when, seems ILLUSIVE at the moment
for example
We might get an ALL day rally tomrmrow and FIZZLE after UP OPEN on Friday
open rally each day and fizzle each day

Its ALSO possible the 13 hrs at 10am tomrrow bring in a LOW, but the other cycle dont fit there

Days like this with NO clear trend are definitely the hardest to describe

More later
ps: Flash had been quoting JULY 1st as A short term low


cementzak said...

nice work jay

tomorrow finish 3 down
then up for 4
then final decline of 1 of Minor [3]

maybe the low on friday will truncate and the low tomorrow will hold...

and after that we rally, but i don't see us go much higher then 1075SPX


Jay Strauss said...

Yes it looks like were on the verge
of wave 3 low, wave 4 rebound and wave 5 ALL within the next 2 days

thats WHy its so confusing

also agree , 1080 has been tossed out as do-able next week by some

Its possible they might have finished wave 3 at 3;40 pm today on the 180 bar pivot, but----

Friday, yes wave 5 could truncate
thus failing to make a lower low
making a slightly lower low on LESS volume

Jay Strauss said...

258 BARS near 4pm Tomrrow seems to indicate similar to today, and the EKG so far has not confirmed a low close, but the power index seems to say that as well as a day that fizzles

TO fizzle, imo, means we should see
a rebound with some appearance of strength, but we insiders NOW know what to expect.

Hope it comes at 10am
Can sell my calls and buy short
then go to the pool for the day-GG

A solid higher open, IMO, IS telltale


rose2797 said...

Looks like every one is scared to go long now. People are talking about IWM at 58. Another confusion: insidetrak(Hadik_: is saying low on jUly 12=15 and high in mid aug. Others are saying high on July 12-15 and low in aug. Arch Crawford has Aug 1 as real bad.

soybeans said...

Jay ..the market has thrown you for a loop.. a crash is coming in July..maybe a Friday panic low..but move under 9,000 in next 2 weeks

rrman said...

finally got the /6e upmove!

rrman said...

out of long /6e and reversed short 1.2307 will go down to the bottom of the channel again...

Jay Strauss said...

I have it ALL mapped out with the
JULY Energy graph


Jay Strauss said...

That reading for today
indicating a burst, then fizzle
looks like its tomrrow.


rrman said...

bought more tna/fas in aftermarket