Monday, June 21, 2010

UPDATED week of JUNE25th

Negative energy combines with destructive power


cementzak said...

thanks Jay xxw

JUFU said...
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JUFU said...

Jay, just curious, why do you plan on holding your positions until the 25th end of day?

Why wouldn't you close the short tomorrow at the low and re-short the next day?

Also, same question for covering shorts on 25th. Does the Bradley turn date signal that we will get an interim rally for early next week?


Abdullah said...

JUFU - because there are no gurantees in this game. DAY TRADING is very time consuming and most often people loose money. I like swing trades and use stop-loss, increase the S.L. as the stocks gains. gl

Jay Strauss said...

closing out on 22nd has 228bars at 4pm, and im fairly certain the day will close on a low

the 25th closes on 204bars, and Im fairly certain it will close on a low

OR at least at 3:45 to 4pm for both days-
We'll see what the EKG shows us.

And YES Monday June28th should OPEn with a HUGE upthrust, especially if we get a major downdraft on 24th & 25th


JUFU said...

Thanks Abdullah and Jay.

Just to confirm, are you going to jump in and out of this Jay? Or are you planning on holding your shorts until the 25th?

Thanks again.


rrman said...

They ran the market up last night but couldnt hold it and it closed down 8 pts
a big swing....faz closed slightly up....tomorrow will gap up and sell off all
day slowly but really sell off in the futures overnight tomorrow.

Faz will be a good buy in the morning around 10am central ....we are in a down
channel until the end of month it is time to go short here at the highs and
just ride it down.....

JO Coffee has made a huge run the last week up over 30 percent....probably need
to sell it and buy back in at end of month ....its projected to go up 50 percent more ...
but as the market sells off the next few weeks it will sell off some also so get back
in at a lower price..

Alesund said...


I'm looking to buy JO on a pullback. Can you let me know when you see a good entry point?

If you could post your JO buy here or e-mail

Muchos gracias!

rrman said...


Giovanni said...

Jay, this week will start the 3?
long see new highs?
i appreciate your work

Jay Strauss said...

Some others are calling for a
low today and high on 25th


You have my forecast plain and clear

cementzak said...

hello JAY, so what is happening after june 25 - back up? in that case the current pull back could be B of Minor [2], followed by a C wave that will finish Minor [2]. then the real meltdown (Minor [3]) will start. but if this is the case the target for this move down would be around 1086SPX and probably not much lower then that? but is seems like you are expecting new lows this week?

AS said...

Was yesterday A - today am a B and then another C down ... to reach 1100 / 1090 / 1080?

cementzak said...

A is not finished yet imho. B will be probably come tomorrow - then C down to 1080ish i think - but the C wave could also go lower and trap some bears, in fact B wave could even make a new low.