Saturday, June 12, 2010

JUNE 10- Week of 18th

A review of LAST Week's POWER index was SPOT ON
Low on 8th at 1043, and late recovery
minor dip on 9th
Big rally on 10th as per DAILY READING
11th started out DOWN & recovered as per daily read

Friday at 4pm DID not respond to 204bars thus we have to expect it to occur Monday OPEN

Is that a sign of a bear trend- HARDLEY, and in fact a lower open Monday sets up the next mover higher

as shown by the power index above

Next weeks DAILY reading
Some of you get LOST in your daily inquiries without looking back at this page

Monday JUNE14th
204bars hits at OPEN, and the day should repeat Friday's open
Love and Money = Success
expect a FINE DAY



BE practical
dont lend or extend $$
Caution later in the day

Lack of Harmony
Watch valuables
expect criticism

We can readily see the FLOW of energy moves in concert with the
power index and seems to peak on the 15th-16th,
and maybe even the morning of the 17th



AS said...

Jay - thanks a lot for sharing - from swing trading perspective - this is very useful.

Also, I mentioned on previous post that when you and Helge are in conjunction / agreement, the accuracy is almost 80-85% - hence the reason for asking for Helge's view .. :)

Jay Strauss said...

please keep us informed on HELGE
I find his charts confusing

some are in sync, and some are not

Which do you prefer to compare?

has mentioned his graphs also

Ive written to Helge on occasion, and he always responds to me. he has a link for me on his site


stalion said...

interesting read about Astrology during the next two weeks:

rrman said...

the first two charts are the best for intraday I think then chart 3 is good for a larger view and I like his long term for a good perspective

the first chart on this line is the long term I like

rrman said...

The first two charts on this link are my favorite chart 3 is good too

Reza said...


It means down till jun 25, then long 26 until mid of jul

rrman said...

thats what it looks like if we break the bottom of the channel at 1045 it will be the end of next week looks like to me and then a huge rally

Reza said...

Cramer said this week after one day sell off go long until Thursday / OPEX.

rrman said...

well he shows Wed big down then reversal after close then thurs fri big up days looks like opex games to me

rrman said...

reza look at a daily chart of tza it is in such a pretty channel

rrman said...

if you look at a 1hr chart of the
/dx you can see a channel we hit the top Wed at 88.81 and we just hit the bottom at 87.20 at 7pm tonight so its taking an average 3 day round trip.. if that holds and as the /dx is driving the euro and /es inverse that means sometime around wed we should hit the low for both..

Reza said...


on the other hand GS is giving the hint, the market will drop 20% from the highs. its stock down more than 20% from top.

AS said...

Jay - Unfortunately, Rman is the only guy who is able to read Helge well ... I just take your inputs and Helges from Rman and combine them to understand the best probability ...

Rman - pls can you share what you see for this week ?

madaboutsingha said...

Helges charts


This is the exact opposite of what Jay is saying. It ist not simple, it is not easy to understand, it is not easy to read, it gives no clear-cut hints for the near term. It leaves the reader confused and the multitude of embarassing graphs and cycles can nobody understand unless he digs into servere studies of the authors graphs-and-cycles-mindset.

If somebody finds his way out of this cycle jungle and can trade on it – so may it be! For myself they don`t appear helpful. Traders want to make money and don`t want to be tied up and clogged with agonising research models.

AS said...

Rman - seeing what you are seeing for Wed ... ie big drop on bottom of channel ...

However how are you seeing a big drop june 25 ? I see one in the week of june 28 and one this week - spike down

rrman said...

AS we hit the top of this swing tonight at 7pm 1091 central now we go down to the bottom of the channel that has been 1046 helge says this should happen not long after futures unlock around 5 or 6pm central Wed night....I think we make a try to break the channel of the 1046 level not sure if we do or not but Helge says we reverse then and make a run again for the top of the channel S&P 1090 which should happen right at or shortly after close on friday then monday we make a another run for the bottom of the channel 1040 Helge says the 25th will be the low for the month and it looks like he is saying we break channel and make a run for 1000 or 950 and then reverse and have a HUGE Rally into July 5 or so...

AS said...

Singha - yes - the issue with Helge charts is that they sometimes seems to invert - that is why I find it tough to interpret ... but I think Rman uses these in conjunction with dollar chart to predict.

Rman - can you share if there is link for helge $$ charts too ?

rrman said...

Mad I have been following Helge since November when Jay got me turned on to it....I have traded the Euro /6e since December and it tracks him very well ...the /es didnt until last month because of the manipulation the Euro is harder to manipulate because the market is so big....but it is clear that the big futures manipulation has dropped as now the /es and stocks seem to be tracking with Helge now....I only watch
charts 1a, 1b, and C for my daily trading the rest are no good for me also I like
Chart 1 for the longer term view

I email Helge a lot I have tried to get him to track /6e the Euro but he said it would be too much work but he is considering a /dx dollar future tracking which would be great we would just follow it inverse for the regular stock market

AS said...

Rman - thanks for sharing ..

So I see what you mean about the channel on Wed .. and hit on Friday at the top ...

How are you seeing 25th as low ... from Chart 3 (Helge numbering on this)

My only issue is that I have seen the forecast invert as you can clearly see on chart 3 ... from mid May to now comparing to blue line ... if that continues, then June 25th could be a high ...

Although jay also has june 25 as a low ... so will need to see how we progress in the week to get an idea if Helge forecast is inverting or not ..

rrman said...

AS Helge tends to invert when you move from a down channel to an up channel on chart 3 sometimes the waves come early or late and i take this as manipulation so we have to watch the dollar chart to see where we are in the channel but I am considering just not trading the channel changes on Helge enough money can be made in between them and not get your profits taken away by the manipulators

rrman said...

WOW Abdullah

that guy is bearish on Astro JayWhat we have seen so far is forplay to the event we are waiting for to develop next week June 17 to 25.

This is the most gigantic T-square (2 oppositions 90 degrees apart), ever seen. And in my opinion a T-square of this magnitude is just as powerful as the "lagrange" aspects we have seen.

To understand the rarity of this event we must know that Jupiter has a cycle of 11.86 years, Saturn 29,5 years and Uranus 84 years .
To imagine the power released when the largest palnets in the solar system compines with the largest force in the galaxy, is difficult. This generation has not seen anything similar, just as we have not seen a crisis like the one we are in, before.
It adds up.
Compare it to 1987 when allt the INNER planets were involved with the smallest cyclical effect it created a "quick surgical" cut to the bullish chart - but the trend was intact.

What we now are witnessing , is a constellation of the planets with the longest cycklical power, releasing their energy at the same time we have a world wide crisis not seen before. My take is that we will be witnessing something similar, but in a much larger perpective.

There are only two kinds of energy in the stockmarket - positiv or negative energy.
Positive energy in a falling market is what creates bottoms and negativ energy in a rising market creates tops.
this energy is created by clusters of planetary aspects - the more asopects the more powerful is the energy.

Negative energy in a falling market creates crashes.
Positive energy create up-crashes (Feb 1995)

The most common pattern in these energy situations is that the market will be pulled into the direction taken before the aspect period, with a climax somewhere in the period.

Now- since the trend has been down - the most probable path will be DOWN - with help of the energy from the most powerfu planets in the solar system.
It does look like a crash - perhaps the the most devastating crash we have seen.
I think the clue is the Euro - it will probably go first - then the stockmarket.
And also consider Gold, in my opinion not a gauge of inflation anymore but FEAR - a spike in Gold could also be the clue.
But since all eyes are on the stockmarket - it will not give the clue.
what do you think about him??

rrman said...

Jay what do you think of that Asto Guy Abdullah posted

AS said...

Rman - where can we see the dollar chart ?

Makes sense as I get very confused with the inversions ...

rrman said...

he hasn't done it yet i just ask him and he is considering it ...if you guys email him and ask him maybe he might be more apt to do it...

rrman said...
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rrman said...

Is there a way to post a chart on here?

rrman said...
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madaboutsingha said...

Who is Abdullah

Any link?

rrman said...

Abdullah said...
interesting read about Astrology during the next two weeks:

7:21 PM

AS said...

Rman - you can use jing to post charts ... supposed to be easy ..