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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

June2nd potential EKG & follow up

Activity index got it right today,
the EKG as published early this AM was only partially right
and does not count as a correct hit

120b @ 11:30
150b @ 2pm

more later
Got appointment this AM


San said...

IShares Russell 2000 index analysis

RickyBobby said...

If we're going up then IT HAS TO DO IT NOW!

We're at the rubicon.

I'm reshorting here with tight stops.

rrman said...

up up up

RickyBobby said...

yes, yes, yes

my larger cycle crosses trump my smaller

let's go bulls

make me a richer man!

lol heehaw

rrman said...

Helge says 2pm central will be the high for the day then we drop pretty good until midnight or so tonight before ramping back up making a new high right after open tomorrow

Abdullah said...

rrman - are you still with TZA?

RickyBobby said...

It is OFFICIAL! There will be NO new low!

Like I was saying almost 2 weeks ago.

Buy it up boys.