Friday, June 04, 2010

JUNE Energy guide- REMINDER

Obviously we NOW know that JUNE1st provided a LOW,
and the open occurred at 26hrs from May 26th LOW at 10am

June 3rd PROVIDED the 39 HOUR HIGH at 1106

the NEXT 26hr cycle = June9th at 10am
the NEXT 39 hour cycle = June11th @ 10am

NOW we can see JUST HOW My picture of SIMPLE ELLIOTT works best

April26 to May 25th = wave 3 intraday low which is TYPICAL of a wave 3 THRUST
May 25th to June 3rd at 10am = Wave 4 at spx 1106

wave 5 should meet or exceed wave 3 at 1040

Math model
shows spx 1009 very likely as Published

Some techs might project wave 5 = wave 1 @ THE Flash low of 1066= 154 pts
wave 4 high at 1106 - 154 = 952

That MAY be a valid target for LATE JUNE,
but I dont think we can get there on the 7th or 9th.

More later
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Pass it on to anyone & everyone you know- Networking is the key to all OUR success

After ALL, we are ALL involved attempting to provide insight into the Market


AS said...

Jay - how do we determine whether a 26 hour o 39 hour will be a low or high based on what it was the last time ?

Jay Strauss said...

You cant determine that
without knowing Energy FLOW


rrman said...

Guys watch this big down move the Euro usually telegraphs the big move down before hand just like this we could get a huge reflex up move I got stopped out of my longs we are near the top of the channel on the /dx which would indicate that this down move is nearly over...Helge predicted this but around midnight instead now he is saying huge rally into monday right before open then we start our down channel for a week...

AS said...

If this is the up channel - then makes me scared of what the down channel will bring ...

AS said...

Rman - where can we see Helge's dollar charts - is there a separate link ?

astralguide said...


EUR fell for Iran had sold huge chunks of its Euros. That was known before hand anyway wasnt it?

I think we will soon have lesser correlation of EUR with general markets.
Nontheless there would be some minor move next week.

JAY: A suggestion
For one day just make one blog and the rest you could just add or edit.
This will be convenient for readers.

RickyBobby said...

The european union is a joke.

Greece, italy , spain , portugal will all have to break away so they can devalue their currency and prevent a government coup.

Kc135a said...


Something like this? If it plays out Monday is market up (VIX down) but by about next Thursday is going to be blood bath to the downside for the markets.

FWIW the Wolfe wave I have put up still has a bottom 6/14, Monday of OPEX week and then up up and away we go.

Reza said...

Ricky, dont pay attention to the jokes. The trend is dont fight the fed. Fed's target most likley euro to 1. Revenge on the euro.

Reza said...

AAPL is falling, not a good sign

RickyBobby said...


I don't factor the FED into anything. I don't want to turn into reddragonleo who sees the boogie man behind every market move.

Keep it technical period and don't mind anything else.

Jay Strauss said...

I wanted to SEPARATE
the 2 concepts

RUn them together and they lose something along the way


astralguide said...

Jay thanks bro. The problem is many times comments of the same day on earlier blog are lost and are not seen as most visitors look at the last blog.

Pls check my blog today and see the last paragraphs. I write that because the majority of so called pros boast of the fundamental analysis only and smarter ones of tech. However I think there is much more beyond these views.

Kudos to you for your continual and persistent efforts.
I know you dont use astral sciences only like me. But you present an alternate view.
My suggestion is that to make it more practical make one blog post with your own reading/index that is your original stuff. Rest of the quotes/blogs can be on separate. I say that for comments.

Joseph said...


Keep the blog the way it is, it works for many of us. I see astralguide point of view however I disagree. The blog format is fine

Take care