Graphs above are dated JUNE & JULY 2017 as well as the NOTE UNDERNEATH

Thursday, June 03, 2010

June 3rd EKG & follow up

THE BIG problem I have publishing the EKG iS WHEN to END THE DAY
Maybe I should publish 2 charts as can see now what happens late in the day
or what looks like AFTERMARKET at 8am in the morning

Activity index does update every 5 minutes and will reflect the above more closely

Was JUNE 2nd Bradley a HIGH & turn lower into June7th ?

June 10th is the next Bradley date which has a 13 day cycle
completion which IMO should lead to the NEXT HIGH on June 16th-17th

Read for today
caution in AM
misleading & deceptive
stressful day

39 hours at 10am
180bars @10am
55%/13 day at noon

Activity index at 400 at 8am indicating some strength this AM

more later


Jay Strauss said...

Welcome Ratatat
Member # 118

Your coming in loud & clear

YES, This is an Attempt to USE data that NO ONE ELSE has any idea exists

Plus adding it to cycles, Elliott,
math, fibo, & Tech internals, energy & other well known tech data

Jay Strauss said...

PC ratios last 2 days are bearish in tone as well as the
Jaywiz index
.25 Monday
.40 Tuesday
both are bearish

OEX pc ratio
both bearish

SPDR & SP500 both bearish


Abdullah said...

I still beleive the S&P needs to close above 1104 before the uptrend is confirmed. I am somewhat bullish, but if we break through 1104, i think we will head towards 1120, where i would become more bullish. 1085 and 1065 are support on the downside to watch.

Abdullah said...

took RIG @ 50.69
One really good mention out of BP and RIG will soar.